Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Months Favorites: January

            I’m starting a monthly recap wherein I will highlight my top 5 outfit posts from the month. These are outfits SO good that I might actually repeat them (but please don’t tell anyone!).

When I received this sweater for Christmas, the obvious and simple choice seemed to be to style it with jeans. However, I want to challenge myself and style it as part of a dressy ensemble first. I selected my black ruffle skirt and it ended up being the perfect pair to my “Pardon My French” sweater. If I repeat, I am likely to select a different shoe—maybe my new oxfords or a pair of heels.

Thrifting this pleated tennis skirt has totally started a new obsession and I suspect it will turn out much like the one with secretary blouses (I have 10). This was the first time I styled this skirt and I loved the simplicity of the two solids together. I’ll probably wear this outfit again out to dinner.

I’ve seen plenty of bloggers wear shirts over dresses, but I haven’t seen many wear a shirt under a dress in this style. Every once and a while, I am randomly inspired to put two seemingly random pieces together. Even more rarely than that—those two pieces seem to work together in perfect harmony. I would have never thought that an LBD and a plaid shirt could be such good friends—an unlikely pairing that works!

When I began focusing on building my professional wardrobe this fall, I wanted to add more button up shirts, and boy, did I. This one, a striped blouse by Ralph Lauren, is in perfect condition and looks great dressed up and with jeans!

This post was inspired by a Ralph Lauren ad which paired a rugby shirt with a blazer. I typically think of wearing rugby shirts in a super casual way—like with jeans. Dressing it up with a blazer and skirt expands its versatility in my wardrobe. I’ll definitely try this look again with some tweaking.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thrifty Threads: A Salvation Army Shopping Review

            Another fruitful trip to Sal Val! I purchased accessories, a pair of shoes and 4 garments for $17. 

Heart Hat Pin $1
I plan to wear this as a lapel pin. For a buck, I figured, why not?
Cluster Pearl Earrings $ .50
Loved these! Different than the standard pearl earring. 

Picasso Black Oxford Shoes $3
I’ve been toying around with the idea of buying Oxfords and when I came across these for a mere $3, how could I say no? They fit nicely and make my giant feet look tiny—a true skill! 

LL Bean Blue Fair Isle Sweater $3
After seeing blogs like What I Wore, Atlantic Pacific and Classy Girls… feature this style of Fair Isle, I was more than inspired to find one of my own. This vintage LL Bean wool sweater fits the bill perfectly and for just $3, I can only imagine my virtual savings is well over $50! What a great find.

Darlyn Abstract Pleated Tennis Skirt $2.50
I recently thrifted THIS other tennis skirt and LOVED it! I’m looking to add to the collection and this abstract printed skirt caught my eye. Probably won’t style this one til Spring.

Signature by Larry Levine Black Brocade Pencil Skirt $3
Okay, readers. I’m now at my max for black skirts (except maybe for a black leather one…). I loved the black on black brocade and the length is perfect- just above the knee. Can’t wait to style this ASAP!

Express “Stylist” Khaki Pants $4
Because I can only wear pants at my internship, I’ve been pouring over the racks of trousers a bit more extensively. These pants by Express are that perfect shade of khaki that I can never seem to find and fit perfectly. They’ll be getting a lot of wear. 

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Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Wear A Button Up: With a Statement Necklace

            Recently, I came across an image created by Lauren of My Closet in Sketches in which she shows 6 ways to wear a button up shirt. I LOVED the idea and was so inspired that I decided to do outfit posts for each concept. Here is today's:

            I love the statement necklace I received for Christmas and knew it was the perfect piece for this post. As a personal choice, I prefer not to wear my oxfords all the way buttoned up. To give the outfit a comparable appearance, I wore a turtleneck. If you haven’t tried the turtleneck-under-a-button-up before, do so! (see how I wore it HERE). Lauren’s idea is excellent because the button up is the perfect canvas for a statement necklace.

See how else I wore this skirt HERE.

Thriftfully Yours,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cardigan as a Shirt

            Recently, I began a professional internship in my field. I work 5 days a week. This program requires professional attire, but no skirts. I never realized how much I like wearing skirts and dresses, so getting dressed has been a bit trying, to say the least.

Additionally, the building in which I work is extreme in it’s temperatures. One half of the building is cold and the other is hot, like 100 degrees hot (sometimes). This forces me to dress in layers because I never know which side I’ll need to be working in.

            These factors (wardrobe restrictions and temperature) have really challenged me. I’m looking at my closet and all I see are things I can’t wear. My method has essentially been: pants, layers, sensible shoe. I thrifted this Lands’ End sweater in brand new condition and decided to highlight the print by wearing it all the way buttoned up, as though it were an Oxford shirt!

See how else I wore these pants HERE!

Thriftfully Yours,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Striped Oxford (Casually)

            I have around 20 button-up shirts (not including all those secretary blouses, see HERE) so I’m always looking for new ways to wear them. So far, I’ve tried wearing them over turtlenecks (HERE) and under sweaters (HERE). For me, the button up shirt is synonymous with office attire. I’ve worn button ups with dressy trousers and skirts.

            This striped Ralph Lauren top with Peter Pan collar is a piece I recently thrifted and couldn’t wait to style it. A button up with jeans isn’t some great fashion revelation, certainly. However, it is new for me! I love how each piece balances the other, stylistically. I used the same concept of balance with the accessories—a pearl necklace and cowboy style boots.

See how else I wore these dark wash skinny jeans HERE and HERE

Thriftfully Yours,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shopping Review: Recent Purchases

Readers, here are my recent purchases from Kohl's, Lands' End, and Target. 

Chaps Plaid Boys Button Up $7.65

Okay readers, I lied. I said I was done with plaid—but I did it again. I was perusing the boy’s section of Kohl’s and spotted this plaid button up. It was on mega clearance and I had to snap it up! Always remember to shop multiple departments! You never know what you might find. (Remember that time I found a boys rugby shirt? I did. See that post HERE).

Lands’ End Tall Down Puffer Cost with Hood $90

I own many coats, but none that I would consider winter weather appropriate. I have a few wool coats that are more fashionable than warm and I decided I needed to change this. I waited until after Christmas, hoping there would be sales on sites like Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End and L.L. Bean who all produce quality coats that are good for wear even in freezing temperatures. I knew I wanted down/puffer, in a color other than black and with a fur-lined hood—this coat is that and more. The color is perfect—dark enough that it won’t show ever mark and different enough from black that I won’t resemble 90% of the coat wearing population. The cost has a double zipper and snaps closed too. The pockets are fleece lined as are the interior cuffs—making it impossible for cold wind to sneak into your sleeves. The length is perfect for me—not too long, not too short. When I sit down my rear is covered (great for outdoor events, like a late fall football game). And this coat is WARM. I didn’t have a price in mind for this purchase, but I was secretly hoping to snag a great piece for under $100 and I did! It was sold out online and I hunted it down in a Sears for cheaper than the online price! I love when that happens!

Xhilaration Purple Heathered Tights $5

For the past two years, I have been focusing on patterned tights and have acquired a large collection. However, I own a lot of patterned clothing and wanted some solid (but still fun) tights to wear in cold weather. These opaque tights from Xhilaration (at Target) are thick enough for winter, come in a rainbow of colors and are only 5 bucks. I already own them in heather grey and dark purple. They wash well.

Thriftfully Yours, 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Wear: The Rugby Shirt (Dressed-Up)

            A while back, I thrifted two rugby shirts. I wore the first one HERE with skinny jeans a boots. I’m always looking for new ways to style my pieces, but this rugby shirt was stumping me. It’s such a casual garment, I couldn’t imagine it working with anything other than jeans.

            While recently perusing the popular Tumblr “Wicked Preppy,” I came across this photo.

Finally! An alternate way to wear a rugby shirt! I recently replaced the plain, navy button on my navy blazer with golden ones and thought it would look great in the very “Ralph Lauren-esque” ensemble. I paired it with my grey silk Banana Republic skirt and a riding boot to keep with the preppy aesthetic.

See how I wore this skirt another way HERE!
Thriftfully Yours,

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Collarless Jacket

            When I picked this cardigan up at the Junior League, I was so excited. I had added a collarless jacket to my hunt list and this plaid, sweater version was perfect. However, I repeatedly passed it by when perusing my closet for inspiration. Styling this piece was challenging me! I tried it on over some long sleeve tees and realized the crew neckline of the cardigan needed something taller under it—this meant a turtleneck or a button up.

            I bought this maroon turtleneck recently from H&M and realized the color was a perfect compliment to this cardigan. To keep the outfit from going “granny,” I paired it with skinny jeans and a red shoe. I don’t often wear jeans but these dark wash skinnies (Forever 21—thrifted from a local consignment store) are my go-to pair when I’m feeling the denim vibe. I also wore my grasshopper necklace, which I found while antiquing in December.

Thriftfully Yours,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Nautical Dress

            Full Disclosure: This outfit is not that exciting, but I did wear it on a recent, exciting day (more on that later). I picked this dress up from Junior League (see that full post HERE) not too long ago and I was itching to wear it. The nautical motif is one I much prefer and find more appropriate in the summer, but I was determined to make it work for winter.

            Enter: Tights. It’s really a perfect answer for using any seasonally inappropriate piece during the winter (also, turtlenecks). This navy blue pair from Merona is slightly ribbed and super soft. I went traditional on the accessories (gold skinny belt to define the waist, and a pearl necklace) but added an unexpected twist with my mustard smoking loafer. (See how I wore this shoe another way HERE)

             So my exciting day entailed ice skating, lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, tubing and dinner at the skii resort. This is what I wore to dinner. 

Thriftfully Yours,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Double Plaid

            Mixing prints has seriously become a fascination of mine, but I wasn’t sure how to handle plaids. I did dot on dot pretty successfully (if I do say so myself) HERE. The idea of putting the plaid button up under my favorite LBD came in a sudden, and random, burst of inspiration, but adding the plaid shoe was an after thought.

            The plaids are different colors, but similar scales. This way, there is enough connection and continuity between the patterns but difference too, in the color, so they don’t look too “matchy.” My LBD and sweater tights, both black, served as a blank, neutral canvas on which I could highlight the plaids.

            I thrifted this Ann Taylor LOFT dress ages ago and have really come to appreciate it more with time. The plaid helps keep the outfit somewhat more casual. See how I styled this dress totally differently HERE.

Thriftfully Yours,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thrifty Threads: A Junior League Shopping Review

Hello Readers, 
My mother and I recently visited our local Junior League which, it turns out, had many items on mark down. Here's what I snagged. 

Ronni Nicole Striped Nautical Dress   $5

This nautical dress jumped right out at me! I should be able to wear it 3 seasons a year with proper styling. It’s navy, which is a bit hard to see in the photo. I may try to remove the white cuffs on the sleeves and leave the one on the bottom hem.

Banana Republic Blue and Pink Striped Oxford   $3.50

I love the blue and pink stripe of this blouse. The fit is great! It’s just the right amount of different from the blue American Eagle oxford I snagged (see it HERE). I’m already planning to layer it under the J Crew rose sweater below!

J Crew Marigold and Pink Cable Knit Sweaters   $1.25 (each)

At the beginning of the fall season, I decided to focus on finding more pull over sweaters. I’ve definitely increased my collection and these two J Crew brand cable knits are so perfect. High quality, solid colors, and unlike most of the other colors I already had (blues and greens).

Jacklyn Smith Black Satin Skirt   $1.75

Not a high quality brand, but the perfect black skirt for a fancy evening. I’m interested to see how else I can style this!

WM Chelsea LTD scarf            $3

A bit of Googling reveals this company is based in Conneticut and manufactures men’s neck ties (mainly). This silk scarf has beautiful buildings on it—still not sure if it’s a college or not, but I loved the simple design. 

Hope you enjoyed this shopping review!
Thriftfully Yours,