Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thrifty Threads: A Salvation Army Shopping Review

            Another fruitful trip to Sal Val! I purchased accessories, a pair of shoes and 4 garments for $17. 

Heart Hat Pin $1
I plan to wear this as a lapel pin. For a buck, I figured, why not?
Cluster Pearl Earrings $ .50
Loved these! Different than the standard pearl earring. 

Picasso Black Oxford Shoes $3
I’ve been toying around with the idea of buying Oxfords and when I came across these for a mere $3, how could I say no? They fit nicely and make my giant feet look tiny—a true skill! 

LL Bean Blue Fair Isle Sweater $3
After seeing blogs like What I Wore, Atlantic Pacific and Classy Girls… feature this style of Fair Isle, I was more than inspired to find one of my own. This vintage LL Bean wool sweater fits the bill perfectly and for just $3, I can only imagine my virtual savings is well over $50! What a great find.

Darlyn Abstract Pleated Tennis Skirt $2.50
I recently thrifted THIS other tennis skirt and LOVED it! I’m looking to add to the collection and this abstract printed skirt caught my eye. Probably won’t style this one til Spring.

Signature by Larry Levine Black Brocade Pencil Skirt $3
Okay, readers. I’m now at my max for black skirts (except maybe for a black leather one…). I loved the black on black brocade and the length is perfect- just above the knee. Can’t wait to style this ASAP!

Express “Stylist” Khaki Pants $4
Because I can only wear pants at my internship, I’ve been pouring over the racks of trousers a bit more extensively. These pants by Express are that perfect shade of khaki that I can never seem to find and fit perfectly. They’ll be getting a lot of wear. 

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