Monday, January 14, 2013

The Smoking Loafer

            I’ve seen these extra fancy flats all over fashion photos and took the plunge—I asked for two pairs for Christmas and this pair from Rock and Republic has been so much fun to style. To keep the focus on the detailing of the shoe, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty basic.

I used standard pieces, like a v-neck sweater and white button up, as well as solid colors to direct attention right to my plaid loafers. These black skinny corduroys have become more useful than I would have ever imagine when I thrifted them about a year ago. Smoking loafers have such a high class, ultra preppy association and the luxe appearance of the corduroy adds to this factor.

See this sweater styled another way HERE.

Thriftfully Yours,
PS I hope you enjoyed the cameo by my dog, Bean! 

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