Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Months Favorites: January

            I’m starting a monthly recap wherein I will highlight my top 5 outfit posts from the month. These are outfits SO good that I might actually repeat them (but please don’t tell anyone!).

When I received this sweater for Christmas, the obvious and simple choice seemed to be to style it with jeans. However, I want to challenge myself and style it as part of a dressy ensemble first. I selected my black ruffle skirt and it ended up being the perfect pair to my “Pardon My French” sweater. If I repeat, I am likely to select a different shoe—maybe my new oxfords or a pair of heels.

Thrifting this pleated tennis skirt has totally started a new obsession and I suspect it will turn out much like the one with secretary blouses (I have 10). This was the first time I styled this skirt and I loved the simplicity of the two solids together. I’ll probably wear this outfit again out to dinner.

I’ve seen plenty of bloggers wear shirts over dresses, but I haven’t seen many wear a shirt under a dress in this style. Every once and a while, I am randomly inspired to put two seemingly random pieces together. Even more rarely than that—those two pieces seem to work together in perfect harmony. I would have never thought that an LBD and a plaid shirt could be such good friends—an unlikely pairing that works!

When I began focusing on building my professional wardrobe this fall, I wanted to add more button up shirts, and boy, did I. This one, a striped blouse by Ralph Lauren, is in perfect condition and looks great dressed up and with jeans!

This post was inspired by a Ralph Lauren ad which paired a rugby shirt with a blazer. I typically think of wearing rugby shirts in a super casual way—like with jeans. Dressing it up with a blazer and skirt expands its versatility in my wardrobe. I’ll definitely try this look again with some tweaking.

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