Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shopping Review: Recent Purchases

Dear Readers,

You know I try to thrift shop most of the time but sometimes I do make other purchases. I love to keep you all updated on what I’m buying and why. I recently shopped at H&M, Hollister, Target, and TJ Maxx, and I’m going to share those pieces now. Enjoy!

H&M Heathered Tan and Bordeaux Tissue Turtlenecks $13/each

These are turtlenecks number 4 and 5. They are joining my black, purple and hunter green turtlenecks. This year, I really jumped on the turtleneck train. I have been layering them under everything (see them HERE, HERE and HERE). These colors are great, versatile additions to my wardrobe. My first two turtlenecks (black and purple) are both from H&M and I purchased them freshman year of college—still going strong!

Hollister Navy Skinny Sweatpants $25 (on sale)

I’ve never been a “sweats” kind of girl but the “Skinny” cut by Hollister totally converted me. This is my second pair and probably not my last. I think I might be on the edge of the appropriate age group for buying from Hollister, but my gosh, I just can’t care about it! These pants make me feel great, which is way more than I can say about any other pair of sweatpants I’ve ever owned. They fit tight without being extreme. They’re a great length. And they’re so soft. When I want to dress super casually without sacrificing my figure, I turn to these pants. 

Photo credit @Megan_Lindsey on Instagram
Merona for Target Seafoam Button Up with Navy Polka Dots, $25
I've haven't stopped thinking about this button up since Megan_Lindsey posted it on her IG a week or so ago. I stopped by my local Target to stalk some of the new items listed online (see my favorite on my Pinterest HERE) and instead, I stumbled across this piece. It hasn't been listed online and there was one of every size--practically saying "No matter what, this top is yours!" I hate buying at retail but I knew I wouldn't find it thrift, and I was pretty sure it would sell out before it had the potential to hit the sale rack. 

Anne Kline Sweater Tights (2 pairs) (via TJ Maxx) $4/pair (on sale)

I first purchased sweater tights (Anne Kline) earlier this year for $8 at TJ’s. I fell in love. They are warm and don’t squeeze the life out of my organs. I went back to buy one more pair, and lo and behold, they were on clearance for $4! These are marked to retail for $25- virtual savings of $21! I got a standard pair and a ribbed pair. 

You're now up to speed! Thanks for reading :)

Thriftfully Yours, 

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