Friday, January 25, 2013

Cardigan as a Shirt

            Recently, I began a professional internship in my field. I work 5 days a week. This program requires professional attire, but no skirts. I never realized how much I like wearing skirts and dresses, so getting dressed has been a bit trying, to say the least.

Additionally, the building in which I work is extreme in it’s temperatures. One half of the building is cold and the other is hot, like 100 degrees hot (sometimes). This forces me to dress in layers because I never know which side I’ll need to be working in.

            These factors (wardrobe restrictions and temperature) have really challenged me. I’m looking at my closet and all I see are things I can’t wear. My method has essentially been: pants, layers, sensible shoe. I thrifted this Lands’ End sweater in brand new condition and decided to highlight the print by wearing it all the way buttoned up, as though it were an Oxford shirt!

See how else I wore these pants HERE!

Thriftfully Yours,

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