Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodwill Goodies: A Shopping Recap

Since it’s time for back to school (& work) for mom and I, we did double duty with back to back thrift store visits before we get too busy to search the racks. On our first day, we hit our local GW. As I mentioned in my last few shopping recap posts, I am trying to focus on fall fashions when I’m shopping since it’s fast approaching. Again, I was lured in by a few summery pieces but did manage some fall ones also. Here’s the recap!
(Starting Top L square, moving clockwise)

1. I’m not sure what my obsession is with heather grey, but it lives on! This Eddie Bauer tank top with cream detailing is more fun than a plain grey tank but is still versatile. I plan on using it as a layering piece in the fall.
2. This skinny striped Banana Republic tank is another piece I felt would transition well to fall. I also feel like the colors and shape a bit more grown up than some of my other tank tops, which is a plus as well.
3. Most of the Goodwill’s I have been to often get left overs from Target. These swim bottoms are NWOT and are preppy and nautical (two things I LOVE). However, upon arriving home, I realized I don’t have any tops that coordinate. Boo. Hoping I can find a navy and white top with anchors on it at a final sale somewhere soon J
4. I’ve relapsed, readers. I bought ANOTHER secretary blouse and it’s not even a solid color (which I proclaimed would be the only other one’s I would be on the look out for). I couldn’t resist! It’s navy blue with red and light blue abstract spots on it, AND it has a peter pan style collar. Couldn’t resist. I now have TEN- Oops?
5. Oh LOFT- How I love thee. These patterned capris are so fun and fit very well. I’m excited to wear them well into fall. Wondering how I could pattern mix them… Stripes?

Tell me readers, Where do you like to buy your bathing suites? Comment or email me at or tweet to me, BsGoodwillHunt

Thriftfully Yours, B

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preppy and Feminine

Pink oxford- Le Tigre (via department store) ~$20
Light teal tank- Gap Outlet ~$10
White chino shorts- J Crew (via Goodwill) ~$5
Faux tortoise link necklace- Jeweliq ~$20
White and leather belt- Vintage (from Mom)
Gold slip ons- TOMS Shoes (gift, retails for $54)

            Two blogs that I really love (J’s Everyday & Classy Girls) inspired me to wear a long sleeve oxford with shorts.

 I’m still searching for the perfect, classic blue oxford, preferably Ralph Lauren (the label both of these ladies are wearing) but for now, I am working this look with my pink Le Tigre oxford. My new tortoise link necklace from JEWELIQ is perfect with this preppy ensemble. Pink and white is such a great color combination- it’s preppy and feminine. Can’t wait to remix this top later in fall or winter.
Tell me readers, Would you wear shorts with a long sleeved top? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Church Lady

White button up- Express (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
Pink cable knit vest- Tommy Hilfiger (via Salvation Army) ~$2.50
Green leopard skirt- Talbots (via Goodwill) ~$5
Gold link necklace- Thrifted (via Salvation Army) ~$9
Braided belt- H&M ~$5
Pink loafers- Talbots (via Goodwill) ~$6

            I’m so proud of this outfit- it’s all thrifted, except the belt. All the pieces are quality brands and I don’t have to tell you how expensive this outfit would be if I’d purchased them all new. I love mixing colors, textures and patterns. I cannot wait to find new ways to mix this vest into my wardrobe.
I would like to draw special attention to the necklace. These gold chains are so popular right now and I’ve found them for you at a variety of price points.
(Start top L and moving clockwise)

J Crew $165
Jeweliq $25

Tell me readers, Which necklace do you like best? Comment or email me at

Thriftfully Yours,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current Consignment

            As I have mentioned before, one of my thrifting rules is to purchase pieces that are of high quality rather than simply buying cheap/inexpensive pieces. On my latest trip to a local consignment store, I was a rule breaker (partially). I picked up this Ralph Lauren rugby shirt (which was on my fall wish list) and it is a rule following piece. 

Ralph Lauren is an EXCELLENT quality brand and for $10, this was a great find. I was a little bad following the discovery of the rugby top. I found two pairs of dark wash skinny jeans that fit perfectly. So you’re asking, “What’s the problem? Dark wash is classic. Skinny silhouette works for your figure. Good fitting jeans are hard to find and if you bought them at a consignment store, they were probably a good deal!” Well reader, you are right on all counts but what you have not addressed is the brand. 

These brands (Papaya and Forever 21) are only worth about $20 or less new (I thirfted mine for $4.50 & $6) and are not quality brands. However, all those other positive attributes outweighed the negative. Finding denim with a good fit is a challenge for most women and therefore I make a lot of exceptions with jeans.
            I find that trendy items pop up much more often in consignment stores compared to Goodwill. Perhaps this is because people have purchased these items more recently and are not willing to freely donate them and would rather make a few bucks by consigning. This consignment store has a Juniors section in addition to the women’s section. The brand separation mostly makes sense with brands like J Crew, J Jill, Banana Republic or Ann Taylor on the women’s side and Hollister, Aero, American Eagle or Abercrombie in the juniors section. However, Gap and Old Navy, two brands that I like, were mostly on the juniors side so I made sure to check that out as well. While I was perusing the jeans selection, I came across some very good brands like 7 for All Mankind, Lucky Brand, and Joe’s Jeans. Unfortunately, they were not my style, color or cut, so I passed.
Tell me readers, What brand of jeans fit YOU best? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seven Nation (Salvation) Army

            Here is the recap from my latest 50% off Wednesday trip to Salvation Army. I am really trying to focus on Fall and Winter pieces now that summer is nearly ending (sad face). Of the seven pieces I thrifted, four are definite fall/winter wear, two are wearable in multiple seasons and my final piece is jewelry. 

1. I remember seeing this Fair Isle-style sweater at American Eagle a season or two ago, but $50 for a sweater I might wear 5 times a season is NOT a good deal for me. If you wait long enough, someone will get bored with their $50 purchase and donate it for lovely thrifters like you and me. It is warm and cozy, perfect for snowy weather.
2. This sweater dress by Chadwick’s is my favorite purchase of the haul. It fits perfectly. As I’ve mentioned, I largely ignore sizing when I’m shopping. This dress is Petite (which I am NOT) but I tried it anyway- and VOILA, it’s made for me. Can’t wait to pair it with tights or leggings and a knee high boot. 

3. One of my absolute favorite labels to stumble upon while thrifting is J Crew. The preppy and classic design aesthetic really appeals to me but the in store prices do not. This wool, above the knee kilt-like skirt is a great addition to my collection of standard pieces. It also works well for my job at an Irish pub.
4. Last season, I was on the hunt for a pair of corduroy leggings. I had a hard time finding a pair that was not meant to look like jeans, with a zipper, button closure or pockets. I didn’t want these features because I do not intend to wear these alone, but rather, under skirts and dresses. Pockets and buttons add bulk so they’re out. These are old Express leggings (I’m surprised they made these, probably in the 90’s)

5. I recently added knit sweater vests to my fall shopping wish list. While there was nothing interesting in the actual vest section, I also searched the tank top section where found this silky cable knit tank top. I recently wore it as a tank top with white jeans and it was perfectly preppy. I’ll be leaving it out for fall, though, to make it work as a vest. (I’m still hunting for a navy pull over v-neck vest)
6. Another brand I love to see is Ann Taylor. This sleeveless white button up is a great classic piece. Perfect alone in the summer, with a cardigan in fall or spring, or under sweaters in winter. I will not pay $50+ for such a basic piece new, but I don’t want to give up on the quality that can be associated with pricy items- so what do I do? I THRIFT! 

7. These bold chain necklaces are SO popular right now. This one has a length of about 18” (it’s always hard to tell in photos how long necklaces are). I am not really a jewelry person, especially the expensive stuff. I’m just too fearful that I’ll lose it, break it, etc. I love costume style jewelry because it’s inexpensive and bold. This piece (which does not have any indication of a brand) came in at $9.
Tell me readers, How are you transitioning some of your summer pieces for fall? Comment or email me
Thriftfully Yours,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Chance Shirt-Dress

Pink paisley shirt dress- Too She She (via Junior League) ~$ .10
Pink leggin- Boscov’s ~$5
Gold chain necklace- Salvation Army ~$9
White skinny belt- Goodwill ~$2
Black gladiator sandal- Ruff Hewn ~$13

            So way back on my first ever trip to our local Junior League, I tried on this dress. I have been searching for a shirt-dress and this one was pink and paisley to boot. However, I didn’t love it, even for $7. I had already found 3 other pieces that I loved, so I just said “No thanks” to this piece. However, weeks later, I returned to the League for their $1 bag sale and what piece do I recognize on the racks, but this very dress. I already knew it fit, so I snatched it up. For TEN CENTS I can definitely get interested in this dress. I normally wouldn’t style this dress with leggings but it was cold out and I was headed to church, so for modesty’s sake, I popped them on.
            This is my first real attempt at a top knot hair style and I like it. Next time, I’ll try to get it a little more “top.” Unfortunately, I get ponytail/bun headaches, so I can only leave it up for a few hours before I rip it down and massage my scalp for 20 minutes.
Tell me readers, How would you style this dress, especially accessories, I feel like these shoes weren’t the best match… Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Red, pink and orange tank- Cable & Gauge (via Junior League) ~$ .10
Pink shorts- Tommy Hilfiger outlet ~$25
White and leather belt- Vintage (from Mom)
Gold slip on- TOMS (gift, retails for $54)

            Here’s another summery piece I picked up recently and rushed to wear before fall renders these pieces worthless. When I am thrifting, no matter where, I have standards for the pieces I buy. I try to select quality pieces from brands with which I am familiar: Banana Republic, Gap, J Crew, Express, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, etc. This shirt, however, was not produced by one of these retailers. But, dear readers, there are things called “exceptions.” For example, when I get to fill a paper grocery bag with clothes for A DOLLAR and the approximate “cost” of each piece I selected is approximately TEN CENTS- I may be less picky about the brands. While I did mange to get a piece each from Gap and Lands’ End, the pattern and shape of this top urged me to purchase despite lacking label.
Tell me readers, Do you ever ignore your fashion rules and why? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Grey v-neck t-shirt- Forever 21 ~$3
Sea creature chino shorts- J Crew (via Goodwill) ~$5
Gold and pearl strand necklaces- Consignment ~$6 (for 2)
White and leather belt- Vintage (from Mom)
Tan sandals- Target ~$20

            When I thrifted these shorts, I knew I had to wear them as soon as possible. Today, they picked me when I was getting ready and I was a bit confused as to what top to pair with them. I know most colors would go well with this brownish mustard colored print, but I went with the very safe grey v-neck you see here. I bought this shirt on deep clearance at Forever21 years ago and I love it. It’s my favorite/lucky shirt. I take it almost everywhere I travel, during all seasons. It’s comfy, it’s neutral and it’s versatile. I’m pleased with the overall look, but want to try again with these shorts. I hope the weather holds out through September so I can wear these shorts again.
Tell me readers, How would you style these shorts? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Goodwill Fill (+Today is my BIRTHDAY!)

     Mother and I have visited yet another Goodwill in the surrounding area, this one near a grocery store (Wegmans) which we like to shop at 2-3 times a year. This Goodwill had some excellent brands, so we will probably be back (on our next out-of-town grocery trip). I snagged 6 pieces for myself, 5 of which were fall/winter pieces. I did make one summery exception, but we’ll get to that.
            Starting with the four square photo (Top L, going clockwise) This long sleeve grey J Crew tee is soft and warm. Not to mention, perfect for layering. Ann Taylor put out this fold over collared long sleeve tee in dusty teal- it’s a much more dressy take on the long sleeve cotton shirt. This navy and white long sleeve Gap is the fall/winter companion to the very similar looking Gap tee I found at the Junior League $1 bag sale. It’s cozy and nautical. Finally, this ½ sleeve lightweight sweater cardigan by Express is perfect for fall. It will allow me to wear some of my tank tops for a few more weeks. I also snagged two bottoms: these seaweed patterned J Crew chinos and this vintage purple wool pencil skirt. I had to snag these J Crew chinos- they retail for upwards of $40, so for $5 I have a giant savings AND J Crew shorts. The wool skirt is going to be great with a number of my secretary blouses. Can’t wait to start styling for fall- I’m getting bored of my summer wardrobe.
Tell me readers, Have you started fall shopping? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

PS- I will do an outfit post about my Birthday in a few days, so stay tuned :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hampton's on a Dime

Navy and white striped tee- Gap (via Junior League) ~$ .10
White chino shorts- J Crew (via Goodwill) ~$5
Braided brown leather belt- Vintage (from Mom)
Gold and pearl strand necklace x2- Consignment ~$6
Kelly green slip on shoes- TOMS shoes ~$54
TOTAL COST: $65.10

            When I saw this shirt on the rack at Junior League I was shocked- a perfectly good Gap tee shirt that hadn’t sold during the 50% or 75% off sales? By the time I’d finished filling my bag, my items were about ten cents a piece, perhaps less. This top is a classic- navy with skinny white stripes. I love the nautical look and knew this top would be perfect. I paired it with my J Crew white chino shorts, a brown leather belt and volia! Instant Hamptons. Having never actually been there (ahem…) This is what I imagine the classic Hamptonites look like.
            By the way- are you SO bored of me wearing these gold and pearl strand necklaces? Because I am not yet bored of wearing them! I am generally not a jewelry wearer, but there is so little risk associated with these necklaces. They aren’t family heirlooms nor were they expensive. The delicate silhouette makes them wearable with both dressy and casual pieces. I also this a bold piece, the the J Crew bubble necklace in white, would pair excellently with this look- definitely taking it to another level of dressiness.
Tell me readers, Have you ever been to the Hamptons? What do people actually look like there? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dollar Dash

          Recently, our local Junior League had its semiannual Fill a Bag for $1 to clear out old spring/summer merchandise and make way for the first wave of fall/winter wear. Of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what I could snag for a buck so I went over close to the beginning of the event, hoping for a better pool from which to pick. However, 4 days prior to the bag sale, the store offers 50% followed by 75% off all items, so when you get to dollar bag day, it’s just the dregs left. Overall, I am pleased with my haul. I snagged 4 pieces for myself and a few others for the shop. Here are my haul highlights: Gap navy & white striped crew neck tee, Cable & Gauge multicolored circle tank, lavender Lands’ End pullover, and a paisley button front dress by Too-She-She.
Tell me readers, What fall items are you hoping make their way into your thrift stores? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

PS Yesterday was National Thrift Day, hope you celebrated by thrifting a great new piece for your wardrobe. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snag of the Season (& 50th Post!)

White ¾ gauzy top- Hollister Co. ~$20
Purple tank top- H&M ~$7
Pink chino shorts- Tommy Hilfiger Outlet ~$25
Gold and pearl strand necklace- Consignment ~$3
White and gold skinny belt- Goodwill (no brand) ~$2
Black gladiators- Ruff Hewn (via BonTon) ~$13

            For a blog that is about thrifting and saving money, this outfit is looking kind of expensive. However, it was a put together look and I decided to document it. You see, I haven’t been so into thrifting my whole life. My focus has really expanded in the past 3 years and both the top and bottom of this outfit are more than 3 years old. The true sales high light of this outfit are my new sandals. You know those $5 silver gladiators I’ve been wearing all summer? They’re still alive (no need to worry) but the quality isn’t great and I’m just not sure how much longer they are going to make it. Enter these shoes. BonTon is having a huge sale and I hunt down these babies, originally $89- What a snag! They are comfortable and stylish. I LOVE those tassel details! I know I only have a few months to bond with them before they go into fall/winter hibernation, but until then- they will be my go-to shoe!
Tell me readers, What was your end of the season snag? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gem Tones

Emerald green tee- Banana Republic (via Consignment) ~$3
Purple chino shorts- Land N’ Sea (via TJ Maxx) ~$15
White and leather belt- Vintage (from mom)
Gold and pearl strand necklace- Consignment ~$3
Dark pink loafers- Talbots (via Goodwill) ~$6

            I love purple and green together, so I was excited to pair this new top with my purple chinos. My love for color extends to my shoes as well, as I selected my rose pink loafers. Of course, this beautiful emerald/teal top is going to transition perfectly to fall. I love gem tones, but don’t own many pieces in the classic gem shades. This top really jumped out when I thrifted it at a local consignment shop about a month ago as something I did not already have. I am often guilty of buying in multiples when it comes to classic staples. Of course, using thrifting as 60-70% of my shopping, this can take time. I cannot wait to find more shirts like this one my BR. It’s cotton, soft, stretch, and easy to wear, but so much more visually interesting than a regular tee-shirt.
Tell me readers, What items do you like to buy in multiples? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Con Accento

White and brown print tank top- Ann Taylor (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
Khaki shorts- Old Navy ~$20
Gold slip on shoes- TOMS (gift, retails for $54)
Gold 24” strand necklace with pearl accents- Consignment (no brand) ~$3
Gold 20” strand necklace with pearl accents- Consignment (no brand) ~$3
Army green belt- Target (via Goodwill) ~$2
TOTAL COST: $31.50

            It’s rare to see me in an all neutral palate outfit, but here it is! I still manage to get some pizzazz in my ensemble with gold accents. The necklaces are recent thrifts from a consignment store and I just love them. They will mix well with many looks, casual and dressy. I am still new at the art of jewelry layering, so this is my “bunny slope” attempt.
Tell me readers, What are your tips for jewelry layering? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours, 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tie Dye Traveler

Purple Tie Dye dress- Pink Rose (via TJ Maxx) ~$20
Deer antler necklace- Etsy (gift)
Tan sandals- Target ~$20
Gold belt- Goodwill (no brand) ~$2
Congac leatherette D&G (knock-off) purse ~$20

            I love the look of a maxi dress, but I rarely find a good opportunity to wear them (I have 3 total). On this day, I was strolling a city followed by dinner at a nice restaurant. When I saw this dress years ago in TJ’s, I loved the boho vibe that the understated tie-dye gave it. It’s also an excellent length for me (I have long legs). I even attempted appropriate accessories whereas, in the past, I would have thrown on the dress and given up. This necklace is such a great statement piece- I love wearing it but feel as though it should be saved because I never want to be predictable.
Tell me readers, What is your statement jewelry piece? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Closet Creeper

My closet is special space. It houses all most of my clothing. Recently, I decided I needed a change. It was too crowded and many of my dresses hung so low that the floor space was not being well used.
Here is a before picture:
So that giant space of the left side of the rack is not an accurate representation of how crowded my closet is usually. I had already stated removing items before I had the genius idea to take a photo. Anywho, as you can see, the floor is over crowded as is the top rack.
I decided to have the racked moved up a foot, this creating better access to the floor space. I also moved my shoe rack outside of the closet and purchased another storage tub to put some more out of season stuff away.
Here is the after picture:
The visibility of my pieces has increased significantly by raising the bar and removing 10-15 out of season pieces. The top shelf is now smaller and harder to get to, so I made sure to place items I would not be reaching for a lot up there (extra blankets, sweatshirts, hats, slippers, etc). Floor space has increased- Halleluia! The visually organized space makes selecting pieces much easier and also drives me to keep it organized. I also added some command hooks to hang my belts and am going to purchase a few more
Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out.
Tell me readers, How is your closet set up or organized? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recaptured Recap

            Mom and I recently went thrifting in a near by town. We hit a small consignment store and a Goodwill. The consignment store was having a giant end of the season sale. Most of the sale items were complete duds (I could tell why they hadn’t sold) however, there was one gem- this brightly colored Aztec-y print silk shift dress (on left). While I was sale shopping in The Limited, I came across this mixed print dress (right) however, it has this weird plastic zipper up the front so I passed. When I came across this pink reincarnation, it felt like this was the dress I had wanted all along. It’s by Alice and Trixie, a brand commonly sold at Nordstroms, similar dresses retail for over $300. There was also some nice jewelry for sale (70% off) and even though I’m not “a jewelry girl” I really liked these classic gold pieces. They are both simple layering pieces with pearl accents, which I love.
Consignment Shop:
Alice & Trixie dress- $5
Gold strand necklaces- $3/each

            The Goodwill was disappointing in it’s overall selection. I did snag 6 belts because they had a great selection, which is rare at GW’s. I also snagged this St. John’s Bay orange button up tank. Lastly, I got one non-clothing item, a vintage Pyrex casserole dish.
6 belts- $2/each
Orange sleeveless button up- $3.50

Thriftfully Yours,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Palazzo Passion

White camisole- Gap Outlet ~$10
Bright turquoise ¾ cardigan- Gap Outlet ~$20
Polka dot palazzo pants- Xhilaration (Target) ~$10 (on sale)
Silver gladiators- Bongo (via TJ Maxx) ~$5
Gold and turquoise pendant necklace- Old Navy ~$7

            Okay. You caught me. There are no thrifted items in this post, but I don’t want to let that stop me from sharing my outfit. I recently started reading Kendi Everyday and she recently a had post about the challenges of posting in which she discussed the disconnect between her blog persona and her real self. In this post, she wore palazzo pants. This inspired me to add it to my wish list, and 2 days later I found a pair at Target on sale for around $10 (originally $20). (The second block shows a close up of the pants because in the full-length shot, they just look solid black)
            In a previous post, I discussed how fictitious television characters influence my fashion choices. In a show I started watching recently, Girl on HBO (currently on hiatus), there are four lead females, each with their own very distinct style. I’m generally somewhere between a Marni and a Shoshanna (if this is Greek to you, WATCH THE SHOW) but these pant are all Jessa. The Jessa character is some weird amalgamation of hipster, hippy, and bohemian, with a look full of floppy hats, peasant blouses and top-knot buns. Her carefree approach to fashion inspires me to wear what I want, regardless of what that is. Out of season? Mismatched? Absolutely ridiculous? I DON’T CARE! I’ll wear it all and feel comfortable. (Steps off of soap box)
Tell me readers, Do you always follow your fashion lovin’ heart? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jealous of J. Crew

Grey Jumper- Criss Cross (via Goodwill) ~$5
White button up- Express (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
Black oxford shoes- Fioni (via Goodwill) ~$5
Polka dot socks- Urban Outfitters (maybe?- Old)
TOTAL COST: $13.50

            I have to give it up to J. Crew. While they produce a lot of classic, basic items, there are also show stopping ones. Jenna Lyons (President and Creative Director) has excellent instincts about pairing these pieces into truly amazing ensembles, which are really more like works of art. Like this little gem, for example…

So ridiculous, so quirky- I don’t think that most J Crew shoppers would wear this look as is, but this look, and others, speak to my (at times) off-beat sense of personal style. Today, I took a much more simple inspiration of J. Crew’s current line up. While perusing the J. Crew website, I came across this grey jumper over a white button up. I was drawn to the simplicity and familiarity of the look. Don’t I own a jumper just like that? Sure do! Here it is and yes, it has pockets just like the J. Crew version. I thrifted this little ditty for just $5, compared to the J. Crew look-a-like price of $188- that comes to a virtual savings of $183.
Want more look-a-likes? 

Here are some polka dot pieces- a super hot trend throughout the new J Crew catalog. The left is an Old Navy dress for $44 (available online only) while on the right is a similar looking J. Crew sweater for $268. Those base colors look almost identical to me… Hrm…Coincidence? 

Old Navy also just released 3 sweaters that look extremely similar to the J Crew. The major differences? Neck line (crew v. boatneck), J Crew’s version has a cute button closure in the back, the scale of the polka dots, and the price ($24 v. $268). I bought the best dupe of the group, the green one. Check them out!
Tell me readers, Which designers do you look to to inspire your ensembles? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Immediate Yes

Chartreuse tank- Gap Outlet ~$10
Bright pink ¾ cardigan- Gap Outlet ~$20
White and poppy print skort- Ann Taylor LOFT (via Salvation Army) ~$5
Tan sandals- Target ~$20
Deer necklace- Etsy (gift)

            I love bright colors and pieces that make a statement- I think that this outfit communicates that idea. This Ann Taylor LOFT poppy print skort (for those of you confused, like my computer’s spell check function, skirt + short= skort) was an immediate yes. Of my 12 Ann Taylor/LOFT pieces, 9 were thrifted. It’s a brand I’ve come to appreciate much more as I get older and my fashion orientation switches from student to professional. Some brands just fit your body right, and Ann Taylor is one of those brands for me. Unfortunately, buying new from them on a regular basis is not an option. I still window shop- in fact, Ann Taylor has been selling these lace shell tanks (see below) for months now and they’re so fabulous, but for $98, I just can’t justify it (not even a little).
            I also wanted to share my manicure for the week. It’s OPI Hot & Spicy with China Glaze Fast Track (Hunger Games collection). It went quite well with the orange hues in the skort.

Tell me readers, Do you have a certain brand that fits you the best? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Classic Statement

Silk red and black floral blouse- Ann Taylor (via Goodwill) ~$2
White and gold pencil skirt- Worthingtons (JC Penny) ~$7
Dark green skinny belt- Target (via Goodwill) ~$1
Gold pointy toe heels- Nine West (via BonTon) ~$20

            I recently took a trip to Tennessee and visited a Goodwill store while I was there. Items were separated men’s and women’s but beyond that- the sorting was lacking. My favorite GW locations are those in which items are sorted by garment type and color. The pricing at this location was also different. The general cost of short sleeve tops was around $2 whereas in my area, they are $3.50. When I saw this pattern and fabric, I knew the brand to be quality. The only down side to silk (especially a printed silk) is that is has to be dry cleaned. I know the long-term value of a piece like this. It’s a classic statement piece, which is my favorite kind of garment. I can’t wait to find other ways to wear it throughout the year.
            Tell me readers, How are your favorite thrift stores set up? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,