Saturday, August 11, 2012

Closet Creeper

My closet is special space. It houses all most of my clothing. Recently, I decided I needed a change. It was too crowded and many of my dresses hung so low that the floor space was not being well used.
Here is a before picture:
So that giant space of the left side of the rack is not an accurate representation of how crowded my closet is usually. I had already stated removing items before I had the genius idea to take a photo. Anywho, as you can see, the floor is over crowded as is the top rack.
I decided to have the racked moved up a foot, this creating better access to the floor space. I also moved my shoe rack outside of the closet and purchased another storage tub to put some more out of season stuff away.
Here is the after picture:
The visibility of my pieces has increased significantly by raising the bar and removing 10-15 out of season pieces. The top shelf is now smaller and harder to get to, so I made sure to place items I would not be reaching for a lot up there (extra blankets, sweatshirts, hats, slippers, etc). Floor space has increased- Halleluia! The visually organized space makes selecting pieces much easier and also drives me to keep it organized. I also added some command hooks to hang my belts and am going to purchase a few more
Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out.
Tell me readers, How is your closet set up or organized? Comment or email me at
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