Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current Consignment

            As I have mentioned before, one of my thrifting rules is to purchase pieces that are of high quality rather than simply buying cheap/inexpensive pieces. On my latest trip to a local consignment store, I was a rule breaker (partially). I picked up this Ralph Lauren rugby shirt (which was on my fall wish list) and it is a rule following piece. 

Ralph Lauren is an EXCELLENT quality brand and for $10, this was a great find. I was a little bad following the discovery of the rugby top. I found two pairs of dark wash skinny jeans that fit perfectly. So you’re asking, “What’s the problem? Dark wash is classic. Skinny silhouette works for your figure. Good fitting jeans are hard to find and if you bought them at a consignment store, they were probably a good deal!” Well reader, you are right on all counts but what you have not addressed is the brand. 

These brands (Papaya and Forever 21) are only worth about $20 or less new (I thirfted mine for $4.50 & $6) and are not quality brands. However, all those other positive attributes outweighed the negative. Finding denim with a good fit is a challenge for most women and therefore I make a lot of exceptions with jeans.
            I find that trendy items pop up much more often in consignment stores compared to Goodwill. Perhaps this is because people have purchased these items more recently and are not willing to freely donate them and would rather make a few bucks by consigning. This consignment store has a Juniors section in addition to the women’s section. The brand separation mostly makes sense with brands like J Crew, J Jill, Banana Republic or Ann Taylor on the women’s side and Hollister, Aero, American Eagle or Abercrombie in the juniors section. However, Gap and Old Navy, two brands that I like, were mostly on the juniors side so I made sure to check that out as well. While I was perusing the jeans selection, I came across some very good brands like 7 for All Mankind, Lucky Brand, and Joe’s Jeans. Unfortunately, they were not my style, color or cut, so I passed.
Tell me readers, What brand of jeans fit YOU best? Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com
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