Monday, August 27, 2012

Seven Nation (Salvation) Army

            Here is the recap from my latest 50% off Wednesday trip to Salvation Army. I am really trying to focus on Fall and Winter pieces now that summer is nearly ending (sad face). Of the seven pieces I thrifted, four are definite fall/winter wear, two are wearable in multiple seasons and my final piece is jewelry. 

1. I remember seeing this Fair Isle-style sweater at American Eagle a season or two ago, but $50 for a sweater I might wear 5 times a season is NOT a good deal for me. If you wait long enough, someone will get bored with their $50 purchase and donate it for lovely thrifters like you and me. It is warm and cozy, perfect for snowy weather.
2. This sweater dress by Chadwick’s is my favorite purchase of the haul. It fits perfectly. As I’ve mentioned, I largely ignore sizing when I’m shopping. This dress is Petite (which I am NOT) but I tried it anyway- and VOILA, it’s made for me. Can’t wait to pair it with tights or leggings and a knee high boot. 

3. One of my absolute favorite labels to stumble upon while thrifting is J Crew. The preppy and classic design aesthetic really appeals to me but the in store prices do not. This wool, above the knee kilt-like skirt is a great addition to my collection of standard pieces. It also works well for my job at an Irish pub.
4. Last season, I was on the hunt for a pair of corduroy leggings. I had a hard time finding a pair that was not meant to look like jeans, with a zipper, button closure or pockets. I didn’t want these features because I do not intend to wear these alone, but rather, under skirts and dresses. Pockets and buttons add bulk so they’re out. These are old Express leggings (I’m surprised they made these, probably in the 90’s)

5. I recently added knit sweater vests to my fall shopping wish list. While there was nothing interesting in the actual vest section, I also searched the tank top section where found this silky cable knit tank top. I recently wore it as a tank top with white jeans and it was perfectly preppy. I’ll be leaving it out for fall, though, to make it work as a vest. (I’m still hunting for a navy pull over v-neck vest)
6. Another brand I love to see is Ann Taylor. This sleeveless white button up is a great classic piece. Perfect alone in the summer, with a cardigan in fall or spring, or under sweaters in winter. I will not pay $50+ for such a basic piece new, but I don’t want to give up on the quality that can be associated with pricy items- so what do I do? I THRIFT! 

7. These bold chain necklaces are SO popular right now. This one has a length of about 18” (it’s always hard to tell in photos how long necklaces are). I am not really a jewelry person, especially the expensive stuff. I’m just too fearful that I’ll lose it, break it, etc. I love costume style jewelry because it’s inexpensive and bold. This piece (which does not have any indication of a brand) came in at $9.
Tell me readers, How are you transitioning some of your summer pieces for fall? Comment or email me
Thriftfully Yours,

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