Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dollar Dash

          Recently, our local Junior League had its semiannual Fill a Bag for $1 to clear out old spring/summer merchandise and make way for the first wave of fall/winter wear. Of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what I could snag for a buck so I went over close to the beginning of the event, hoping for a better pool from which to pick. However, 4 days prior to the bag sale, the store offers 50% followed by 75% off all items, so when you get to dollar bag day, it’s just the dregs left. Overall, I am pleased with my haul. I snagged 4 pieces for myself and a few others for the shop. Here are my haul highlights: Gap navy & white striped crew neck tee, Cable & Gauge multicolored circle tank, lavender Lands’ End pullover, and a paisley button front dress by Too-She-She.
Tell me readers, What fall items are you hoping make their way into your thrift stores? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

PS Yesterday was National Thrift Day, hope you celebrated by thrifting a great new piece for your wardrobe. 

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