Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recaptured Recap

            Mom and I recently went thrifting in a near by town. We hit a small consignment store and a Goodwill. The consignment store was having a giant end of the season sale. Most of the sale items were complete duds (I could tell why they hadn’t sold) however, there was one gem- this brightly colored Aztec-y print silk shift dress (on left). While I was sale shopping in The Limited, I came across this mixed print dress (right) however, it has this weird plastic zipper up the front so I passed. When I came across this pink reincarnation, it felt like this was the dress I had wanted all along. It’s by Alice and Trixie, a brand commonly sold at Nordstroms, similar dresses retail for over $300. There was also some nice jewelry for sale (70% off) and even though I’m not “a jewelry girl” I really liked these classic gold pieces. They are both simple layering pieces with pearl accents, which I love.
Consignment Shop:
Alice & Trixie dress- $5
Gold strand necklaces- $3/each

            The Goodwill was disappointing in it’s overall selection. I did snag 6 belts because they had a great selection, which is rare at GW’s. I also snagged this St. John’s Bay orange button up tank. Lastly, I got one non-clothing item, a vintage Pyrex casserole dish.
6 belts- $2/each
Orange sleeveless button up- $3.50

Thriftfully Yours,

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