Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tie Dye Traveler

Purple Tie Dye dress- Pink Rose (via TJ Maxx) ~$20
Deer antler necklace- Etsy (gift)
Tan sandals- Target ~$20
Gold belt- Goodwill (no brand) ~$2
Congac leatherette D&G (knock-off) purse ~$20

            I love the look of a maxi dress, but I rarely find a good opportunity to wear them (I have 3 total). On this day, I was strolling a city followed by dinner at a nice restaurant. When I saw this dress years ago in TJ’s, I loved the boho vibe that the understated tie-dye gave it. It’s also an excellent length for me (I have long legs). I even attempted appropriate accessories whereas, in the past, I would have thrown on the dress and given up. This necklace is such a great statement piece- I love wearing it but feel as though it should be saved because I never want to be predictable.
Tell me readers, What is your statement jewelry piece? Comment or email me at
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