Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Lightweight Sweater (in Winter)

I own a few lightweight sweaters (like this one from Old Navy) and rather than put them away for the cold, hard winter, I find other ways to wear them. For this outfit, I decided to layer this lightweight sweater over a button up. Yes, 90% of my recent outfits contain a button up shirt—don’t hate!
Once I picked out the sweater, I decided to go for a whole black and white ensemble. My new Larry Levine Signature black on black brocade pencil skirt seemed the perfect partner for my polka dot black on white sweater. I finished it up with black and white accessories and a red lip for some visual interest.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Wear a Button Up: Sweater Set

            Today is the third installment of my “How to Wear A Button Up” salute to Lauren from My Closet in Sketches. Here is the sketch from which I drew inspiration:

I love a button up under a sweater. For this post- I started with the sweater. I selected my J Crew marigold cable knit pull over, which I recently thrifted. This sweater fits quite snuggly in the arms, so adding another layer underneath isn’t an option. As a result, I paired it with my white button up from Ann Taylor, which is actually sleeveless. I had the foresight to keep this button up out for just this very reason!

            To go along with my sweater, I picked my Talbots wrap skirt, which went with the preppy tone of the sweater. To finish the outfit, I added some opaque tights in a neutral color for balance (and warmth) and my yellow smoking loafers. Classic accessories such as a pearl necklace and a silver broach add visual interest. 

            Stay tuned for the last 3 installments of How to Wear A Button Up in the coming Mondays! Also, see how I wore these smoking loafers before HERE & HERE!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Oxford Shoe


            I’ve long been pining over the oxford shoe—but without a lot of inspiration on how to wear them, I stopped looking for a new pair. Of course, as it often happens, when you stop looking for something is when you find it. I came across this all leather pair at Salvation Army recently and scooped them up. They look like they’ve barely been worn which is another bonus.

            Because these shoes remind me of men’s wear, I selected other masculine pieces to go along with them. To give the shoes high visibility, I paired then with my skinny OP cords. For a pop of color, I picked my Brooks Brothers plaid shirt. I’ve been wearing button up shirts nearly every day and I’m constantly looking for new ways to wear them. I’m doing a series on ways to wear the button up shirt (see it HERE and HERE) but “with a sweater vest” wasn’t on that original list.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shopping Review: Recent Purchases

Old Navy Color Blocked Striped Dress $3
I liked this dress when it came out, but for $25, I didn’t need another ON dress that would inevitably shrink and become a summer only frock. However—for $3, I figured why not?

Merona Polka Dot Socks $3/pair
I’ve been noticing these adorable polka dotted socks of a number of fashion blogs lately and finally pulled the trigger. I purchased both the maroon and tan pairs—look for them poking out from beneath a pant hem!

Xhilaration Yellow Tights $3.50 (ON SALE)
My solid colored tights collection is growing, but they are mostly muted colors and neutrals. This pair is going to add vibrancy to many neutral skirts and dresses.

Merona Ribbed Tights $4.50 (ON SALE)
The pair I purchased in more of a rusty maroon, but the Target page did not have a photo of that color. I received a pair of tights in this style for Christmas and LOVED them. When I noticed them on sale on my last trip to Target, I had to snag another pair!

Pants Hanger $8
With my internship calling for pants-only outfits, I purchased more pants. They take up quite a bit of room in my closet when hung on individual hangers so I sought out this style of hanger and it’s working beautifully. It’s currently housing all my light colored pants—I see a second apparatus in my future for my dark colored pants. This one is from Home Goods.

Hope you enjoyed! Outfit post tomorrow.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Wear a Button Up: Knotted

Last Monday, I started a series of posts that will feature different ways to wear a button up shirt. The idea came from an image created by Lauren of My Closet in Sketches. In post number 1, wore my button up with a turtleneck and a statement necklace.
Today’s post features this image from Lauren’s drawing:

            Selecting the Proper Pieces: I needed a button up (obviously) but which one? My collection is pretty expansive these days and I couldn’t decide. I have far fewer high waisted skirts, so I started there. My blue pleated tennis skirt seemed perfect for this concept. After I selected that, it was far easier to pick out a top. My blue gingham Lands’ End button up  was found by my mother at a church rummage sale cost around 20 cents! I LOVE it and have already worn it (see that HERE). This blouse was selected because I liked the idea of a monochromatic look. 
Here's how my rendition turned out

You don’t have to pull my leg to pop a collar or roll the sleeves of a button up, but knotting it? I’m still a novice knotter. I did try it once before HERE and I was pleased with the result. Pairing the knotted button up with a high waisted skirt truly is the ideal match. It takes away that awkward “midriff bearing” possibility and allows for the perfect long leg proportion.

Stay tuned, dear readers—next Monday you will get the next installment!

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Months Favorites: January

            I’m starting a monthly recap wherein I will highlight my top 5 outfit posts from the month. These are outfits SO good that I might actually repeat them (but please don’t tell anyone!).

When I received this sweater for Christmas, the obvious and simple choice seemed to be to style it with jeans. However, I want to challenge myself and style it as part of a dressy ensemble first. I selected my black ruffle skirt and it ended up being the perfect pair to my “Pardon My French” sweater. If I repeat, I am likely to select a different shoe—maybe my new oxfords or a pair of heels.

Thrifting this pleated tennis skirt has totally started a new obsession and I suspect it will turn out much like the one with secretary blouses (I have 10). This was the first time I styled this skirt and I loved the simplicity of the two solids together. I’ll probably wear this outfit again out to dinner.

I’ve seen plenty of bloggers wear shirts over dresses, but I haven’t seen many wear a shirt under a dress in this style. Every once and a while, I am randomly inspired to put two seemingly random pieces together. Even more rarely than that—those two pieces seem to work together in perfect harmony. I would have never thought that an LBD and a plaid shirt could be such good friends—an unlikely pairing that works!

When I began focusing on building my professional wardrobe this fall, I wanted to add more button up shirts, and boy, did I. This one, a striped blouse by Ralph Lauren, is in perfect condition and looks great dressed up and with jeans!

This post was inspired by a Ralph Lauren ad which paired a rugby shirt with a blazer. I typically think of wearing rugby shirts in a super casual way—like with jeans. Dressing it up with a blazer and skirt expands its versatility in my wardrobe. I’ll definitely try this look again with some tweaking.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thrifty Threads: A Salvation Army Shopping Review

            Another fruitful trip to Sal Val! I purchased accessories, a pair of shoes and 4 garments for $17. 

Heart Hat Pin $1
I plan to wear this as a lapel pin. For a buck, I figured, why not?
Cluster Pearl Earrings $ .50
Loved these! Different than the standard pearl earring. 

Picasso Black Oxford Shoes $3
I’ve been toying around with the idea of buying Oxfords and when I came across these for a mere $3, how could I say no? They fit nicely and make my giant feet look tiny—a true skill! 

LL Bean Blue Fair Isle Sweater $3
After seeing blogs like What I Wore, Atlantic Pacific and Classy Girls… feature this style of Fair Isle, I was more than inspired to find one of my own. This vintage LL Bean wool sweater fits the bill perfectly and for just $3, I can only imagine my virtual savings is well over $50! What a great find.

Darlyn Abstract Pleated Tennis Skirt $2.50
I recently thrifted THIS other tennis skirt and LOVED it! I’m looking to add to the collection and this abstract printed skirt caught my eye. Probably won’t style this one til Spring.

Signature by Larry Levine Black Brocade Pencil Skirt $3
Okay, readers. I’m now at my max for black skirts (except maybe for a black leather one…). I loved the black on black brocade and the length is perfect- just above the knee. Can’t wait to style this ASAP!

Express “Stylist” Khaki Pants $4
Because I can only wear pants at my internship, I’ve been pouring over the racks of trousers a bit more extensively. These pants by Express are that perfect shade of khaki that I can never seem to find and fit perfectly. They’ll be getting a lot of wear. 

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