Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Wear a Button Up: Knotted

Last Monday, I started a series of posts that will feature different ways to wear a button up shirt. The idea came from an image created by Lauren of My Closet in Sketches. In post number 1, wore my button up with a turtleneck and a statement necklace.
Today’s post features this image from Lauren’s drawing:

            Selecting the Proper Pieces: I needed a button up (obviously) but which one? My collection is pretty expansive these days and I couldn’t decide. I have far fewer high waisted skirts, so I started there. My blue pleated tennis skirt seemed perfect for this concept. After I selected that, it was far easier to pick out a top. My blue gingham Lands’ End button up  was found by my mother at a church rummage sale cost around 20 cents! I LOVE it and have already worn it (see that HERE). This blouse was selected because I liked the idea of a monochromatic look. 
Here's how my rendition turned out

You don’t have to pull my leg to pop a collar or roll the sleeves of a button up, but knotting it? I’m still a novice knotter. I did try it once before HERE and I was pleased with the result. Pairing the knotted button up with a high waisted skirt truly is the ideal match. It takes away that awkward “midriff bearing” possibility and allows for the perfect long leg proportion.

Stay tuned, dear readers—next Monday you will get the next installment!

Thriftfully Yours,

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