Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shopping Review: Recent Purchases

Readers, here are my recent purchases from Kohl's, Lands' End, and Target. 

Chaps Plaid Boys Button Up $7.65

Okay readers, I lied. I said I was done with plaid—but I did it again. I was perusing the boy’s section of Kohl’s and spotted this plaid button up. It was on mega clearance and I had to snap it up! Always remember to shop multiple departments! You never know what you might find. (Remember that time I found a boys rugby shirt? I did. See that post HERE).

Lands’ End Tall Down Puffer Cost with Hood $90

I own many coats, but none that I would consider winter weather appropriate. I have a few wool coats that are more fashionable than warm and I decided I needed to change this. I waited until after Christmas, hoping there would be sales on sites like Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End and L.L. Bean who all produce quality coats that are good for wear even in freezing temperatures. I knew I wanted down/puffer, in a color other than black and with a fur-lined hood—this coat is that and more. The color is perfect—dark enough that it won’t show ever mark and different enough from black that I won’t resemble 90% of the coat wearing population. The cost has a double zipper and snaps closed too. The pockets are fleece lined as are the interior cuffs—making it impossible for cold wind to sneak into your sleeves. The length is perfect for me—not too long, not too short. When I sit down my rear is covered (great for outdoor events, like a late fall football game). And this coat is WARM. I didn’t have a price in mind for this purchase, but I was secretly hoping to snag a great piece for under $100 and I did! It was sold out online and I hunted it down in a Sears for cheaper than the online price! I love when that happens!

Xhilaration Purple Heathered Tights $5

For the past two years, I have been focusing on patterned tights and have acquired a large collection. However, I own a lot of patterned clothing and wanted some solid (but still fun) tights to wear in cold weather. These opaque tights from Xhilaration (at Target) are thick enough for winter, come in a rainbow of colors and are only 5 bucks. I already own them in heather grey and dark purple. They wash well.

Thriftfully Yours, 

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