Monday, July 23, 2012

The Star Piece

White and black print tank- Ann Taylor (via Salvation Army) ~ $3.00
Off White cardigan- Vera Wang for Kohl’s  ~$5 (sale)
Black capris- Old Navy ~$10 (sale)
Red braided belt- H&M ~$5
Gold slip ons- Toms (gift, retails for $54)
TOTAL COST: Approx. $23.00
            When I saw this shirt at Salvation Army, I immediately hoped it would be my size. The print really spoke to me- it’s a common design on woven cane chairs and I’ve never seen it printed on any fabric. The collar is a bit different from a regular tank top, which I like- I think it makes it a more special piece. Ann Taylor for a couple of dollars is nearly unthinkable. Salvation Army offers a promo every day of the week. Items are tagged with colored price tags. Each day, a specific color is 50% off and every Wednesday, all items are 50% off. This shirt was purchased on a day when pink tags were 50% off.
            A note on styling: I generally do not wear so much black and white in one outfit, however, I felt this shirt was more likely to be the “star” piece if I wore understated bottoms. I actually wish I’d had a white belt when I put this together, but alas- red belt.
            Tell me readers, What do you do to make one piece pop in an outfit? Comment or email me at
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