Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome to B's Goodwill Hunting: a fashion blog

This begins my fashion blogging, dear readers.

Mission Statement: To provide tips, tricks, and fashion inspiration to thrifty and unique ladies via my daily outfit posts and personal commentary.

Why thrift?
       For me, thrifting has two purposes- first, that it is a cost effective way to shop, and second, that it provides me with a diverse, and unique wardrobe.
         As a young graduate student, I’m not yet in a place where I have a ‘disposable’ income, so filling my closet with brand new labels like Ann Taylor LOFT, Banana Republic or J. Crew is not an option. Yet my love of fashion persists. Thrifting provides me with a way to continue to expand my wardrobe without breaking the bank.
         My fashion sense has always been what most would consider eclectic. I hate being trapped by subscribing to a single style so I prefer to fill my closet with anything that tickles my fancy. Thrifting (like in local consignment shops and second hand stores such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army) provides the shopper with a unique opportunity: Access to hundreds or thousands of pieces that can span 50+ years of styles. I don’t wear vintage exclusively. However, the great thing about vintage is that it’s highly unique. Some prints and silhouettes are no longer produced, at least not by mainstream fashion.
Why blog?
         I have a strong need for interpersonal connection and where better to do that than on the internet! My motivator and fuel for this particular content is to show women that you can be well dressed on a budget, and further more, you can build a fabulous wardrobe from stores like Goodwill. I hope that some of my outfit choices inspire you and perhaps you will replicate them but my larger goal is to ask you to swap one trip to the mall for a go at Goodwill. I’m not asking you to tell everyone that you’re going or that your “brand new” one-of-a-kind vintage secretary blouse is from a second hand store, but I am asking you to try.
I promise to create a full entry of tips in a later post, but the one I will give away now is…
Rule #1: Patience is a virtue. Goodwill stores (and others like the Salvation Army) are arranged by little more than garment type and color. It can take one hours to sift through everything to find items in your size and style, but DO IT!
What to expect.
Here at B’s Goodwill Hunting, I will be doing daily posts of my outfits. For each, I will detail where each item is from, the cost and then give a note about a specific piece or styling. 

A NOTE ABOUT COMMENTS: I run this blog because I like it, if you don’t- you don’t have to visit it!
*If you have constructive criticism, positive comments, or questions, please contact me! Brittybell21@comcast.net
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Thriftfully Yours,

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