Friday, July 27, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again (& Again)

            My favorite seasons for fashion are fall and winter. Shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army offer some out of season items at all times, which means I can be collecting special pieces all year round, regardless of the present season. At times, I find myself getting hooked on a specific type of garment. Recently, that piece is the secretary blouse. Three years ago, while participating in a Goodwill “up-cycle”/re-fashioned” fashion show, I was assigned this beautiful outfit…(check out that fabulous hat and those heels!)

I fell in love with the silk paisley blouse and purchased it (for $3.50) after the show. My sense of fashion was a bit different in 2010 and I hardly wore this top. However, it planted the seed for what has truly turned into an obsession with the secretary (or tie-neck) blouse. My interest in this garment really accelerated after I purchased this pink, purple, and blue paisley blouse.

I received many compliments on it and loved the special feel that only a vintage piece can give. I wanted more and so my collection began. Presently, I have 9 secretary blouses (varying sleeve length) that were all thrifted. These tops are on trend for the upcoming fall season, however, you’re not going to find them for a better price or more special looking than thrifting a vintage one.
Case and point?

(Left: Saks Fifth Ave, Right: Equipment {via Last Call: Neiman Marcus})
I like both of these blouses but with price tags of $69 & $139 respectively, I wouldn’t dare buy either. My entire collection of 9 secretary blouses (the remaining 8 pictured below) cost me around $32. If I have to choose between 9 different options for $32 or one blouse for $69 (or even $20 at a store like Forever 21)- it’s not really a fair fight :)

They’re silky and light-weight enough for late summer/early spring and with a cardigan, sweater vest or blazer, they work as a layering piece all winter long. I should probably stop buying them, but I could go for a few more in solid colors- as you can see, I only have one (the silky champagne blouse- all the rest are printed, though it’s hard to see). Maybe black or purple?
Tell me readers, What do you think of this trend? Do you have a favorite among my 9 blouses? What are your style suggestions for this trend? Comment or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,

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