Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Looks Good Standing Up...

Pink button-up dress- Issac Mizrahi for Target (via Goodwill) ~$5
Paisley cardigan (swatch pictured)- J Crew (?) (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
Bow earrings- Forever 21 ~$5 (multipack)
Green faux-suede skinny belt- Target (via Goodwill) ~$1
Brown wedges- Target ~$20
TOTAL COST: Approx. $34.50

            See how good this dress looks standing up? Yeah, I know, such a pity that my hips and the extra small nature of this dress didn’t become better friends. I found it out the hard way, while at school where I’m supposed to be looking professional… Eek. My dressing room routines are going to need to expand to trial sitting. This means I’m now pursuing a replacement of some sort, likely in a solid color, but maybe polka dots.
            The cardigan, although not pictured, is one of my favorite GW snags, which is saying a lot considering the number of pieces currently in my wardrobe from GW is around 100. The tag has been cut out, but the quality of the fabric and buttons leads me to believe it’s a quality brand. The pattern and style make me think J Crew, but who knows! Regardless, it’s a wonderful addition to my (large) cardi collection.
            As my recycled/upcycled/refashioned wardrobe grows, I cannot wait to see how low I can get my outfit costs. This is a good indicator. I’m going hunting tomorrow with my mom, so perhaps I’ll find my replacement dress or a new-to-me vintage gem.
Tell me readers, What are your thoughts on the button-up dress as a trend? Inbox or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com

Thriftfully Yours,

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