Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adult Onesie

Navy, floral printed romper- Department Store (Sorry, can’t remember) ~$20
Bright pink ¾ sleeve cardigan- Gap Outlet ~$20
White belt with leather closure- Vintage (mother’s)
Silver gladiators- TJ Maxx ~$5 
TOTAL COST: Approx. $45
         A romper, also known as an “adult onesie” is not for the fashion faint of heart. I own three, can be bold in my fashion choices, and still struggle to find appropriate times to wear them. It’s not wearing an all-over print that scares me. Many women do this with dresses on a regular basis. It’s the mechanics. A romper is much like a one-piece bathing suit. Pull the neckline up, and the rise of the legs gets higher, pull it down and the neckline drops. Something is going to be slightly more visible than you’d like. I try to remind myself that my age and build allows for outfits like these, and as long as they’re done in good taste, I should take them on as (appropriate) challenges to my comfort level. Additionally, I would NEVER travel for any extended period of time in a romper as bathroom logistics are not only tricky but also annoying. TMI? Never. It’s helpful information. When I purchased my romper collection (all in the same summer, 2 years ago) I thought I would transition them to fall by wearing them with tights. I’ve since given up on this venture, but if you have successfully done this- PLEASE! give me some tips.
         I purchased these silver gladiators on end of the season clearance. This is an example of why waiting on something can be worth it! I spent the entire spring and summer season looking for the perfect versatile gladiator style sandals. Not too high up the leg. I wanted them so zip up in the back (so I wouldn’t have all those closures to open and close every time). I wanted them to be a neutral. Here’s what I got. Ankle high, zip back, silver gladiators for FIVE DOLLARS! Two seasons later and I’m still pleased. 
Tell me readers, Is the romper still "on trend?" Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com
Thriftfully Yours,

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