Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Fashion Wish List

I started reading J’s Everyday Fashion (http://www.jseverydayfashion.com/) a few months ago and I loved her idea for creating a monthly fashion wish list. For my current and projected job, income, and life pace (not to mention my already enormous wardrobe) it was just not fiscally (or spatially) smart to do a monthly wish list. Instead, I generated a list of fashion basics that I want to locate within the next calendar year. I typed it up in Notes on my iPhone (so I could easily reference it while out thrifting) and I have it here for you all to see below.

I then decided to begin finding photographs that accurately represent what these items will look like- though not necessarily the exact piece I wanted. The night before my last major GW trip, I pinned photos for several list items: black lace up bootie with heel, striped blouse (and other secretary-style blouses), a blue Oxford and a white Oxford. Below is a screen shot from my Wish List board on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/ladypsychology/)
Maybe I should put things out into the universe more often because the goddesses of GW seriously smiled upon me. I thrifted: 4 secretary-style blouses, one white Oxford, a brand new pair of black lace-up booties, and a Hawaiian themed dress (not pictured). See swatches and snap shots below.

That swatch on the top left is nearly identical to the maroon looking top I had pinned just the day before! (It’s hard to see the pattern on the photo) The white button up is Express brand, barely been worn and fits perfectly. Total cost of this haul? $27. I dare to hypothesize that purchasing that Express Oxford new would have been at least that cost, if not more.
So my suggestion would be 1- Make a list of core pieces you covet & 2- use Pinterest to post photos
            So tell me readers, Ever had a very successful GW or thrifting haul? How many pieces for how much? Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com

Thriftfully Yours,

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