Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Virtual Savings

Lilac sleeveless button up- Eddie Bauer (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
Green embroidered chino shorts- J Crew ~$30
Pink flower hair clips- Target ~$4
Brown leather belt- Vintage (from mom)
Green & navy sandals- Lands End ~$10
TOTAL COST: Approx. $47.50

            You may remember this lilac top from my “Heapin Haul” post. Well here it is, all clean and ironed. I love it! It’s in excellent condition- I doubt it was worn more than a hand full of times before it was donated. The fit is great and the style is classic. It seems like this shirt can go with anything- denim, khaki, black, brown, etc.
I always like to check out current pricing on pieces on similar pieces, especially when I find an item to a certain quality. For this top, I hopped on over to the Eddie Bauer website. What did I find? A top like this sells, full price, for $50. Can I say that, although it’s a lovely top, I would never pay $50 for it. Part of the reason I like it is because I got it for such a great price (can’t beat $3.50). Virtual savings of $46.50! That price is partly based on the label but also based on quality. The stitching, detailing and quality of the fabric and buttons is part of what a $50 price tag is based on.
Tell me readers, Do you ever look at comparable prices for your Goodwill snags? Inbox or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.net

Thriftfully Yours,

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