Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sal-Val Scouting

           Mom and I decided to pop by the local Salvation Army for some thrifting. Our local GW is quite small compared to others I’ve visited, so when we’re really in the mood to search the racks, it is best to hit the Sal Val as it’s at least 3x larger. We did A LOT of picking and trying on. I came out with 6 pieces for a total cost of $23.00. Mom also added a few new pieces to our eBay account (
            My favorite snag of the day is an item that was on my Pinterest ( wish list- a removable fur collar for a winter coat. I had pretty much given up on finding one in the stores I visit, so I was perusing Etsy for something well priced that didn’t look like a bad rug. I had found a few nice, real rabbit fur collars and some nice faux’s for anywhere between $15-$30. The price I paid for this little gem…?

$7.50. It’s faux, its lush, it ties at the bottom, it’s excellent. Another item off the Wish List!
             The remaining 5 pieces are all clothing: 2 (more) vintage secretary blouses (black with orange and blue accents {Ship ‘N Shore}, and the red, white and black vertical stripe {Knitmakers}), a Land’s End deep red with white cherry blossom print cardigan, black and white print Ann Taylor tank top, and a white Ann Taylor poppy printed skort. I will admit, I have a serious addiction to tie-neck, secretary blouses. With the addition of these two, I now have 8 of varying sleeve lengths (Perhaps it’s time to stop…). Not all of the pieces I bought are summer season clothes, so you’ll just have to wait to see how I work them into my fall/winter wardrobe. I’m sure the poppy skirt and black and white printed tank will be working their way into some up coming posts! I have a hard time waiting to wear my new pieces. 

Tell me readers, What item of clothing do you have multiples of? Inbox or email me at
Thriftfully Yours,
~P.S. Check out this thrilling polyester number I tried on. Sadly it didn’t fit (wouldn’t zip up in the back) but I got a picture of it! Mom says its very “Laugh In.” I loved it. Don’t know where I would wear it, but what a piece to have around for parties or a photo shoot!

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