Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tucked In & Together

Printed brown and white tank top- Ann Taylor LOFT (via Goodwill) ~$5
Purple shorts- TJ Maxx (brand: Land ‘N Sea) ~$15
Florescent chartreuse flower accent- H&M ~$3 for pack of two
White belt with leather closure- Vintage (mothers)
Purple and white stripe sandals- Lands End ~$10
TOTAL COST: Approx. $33
         Okay. Yes, I tucked in my shirt. Again. Does this make me a marmish teacher? NO! Why not, you ask? Because this outfit is too youthful. This is certainly NOT to say that an older woman couldn’t wear it, because that is not so. Youthful is a vibe, it is not an age. It’s having guts to wear purple shorts. It’s an attitude.
         I’ve had this top for a few years and just never really wore it. When I purchased it (at least 3-4 years ago), I’m sure I thought it was too conservative. A shirt that doesn’t cling to your abdomen? I’d never! Fast-forward a few years to graduate school and a job at an elementary school and I’ve found I’m into conservative-ism (sort of, I still wear outrageous outfits, so stay tuned). Throughout high school and college, I amassed many, many tank tops- few of which I’d wear for more than lazing around my deck now. More recently, I’ve been building (slowly) my professional wardrobe as I move closer to finishing my master’s degree and entering the work force as a full time professional. A decent portion of my winter wardrobe (yes, I have a second wardrobe for winter, don’t hate. I live in a state with 4 seasons) transitioned well to my job this year, but spring and summer were more of a challenge. As a result, I have been looking for new conservative (but unique) tops for the warmer months. For example, that sleeveless navy top with the orange polka dots from a past post was purchased after this realization. Of course, I love any excuse to shop and to hunt for a great deal, so finding a proverbial hole in my wardrobe gives purpose to my hobby. 
Tell me readers, Do you like to tuck in your tops? Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com
Thriftfully Yours,

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