Friday, July 20, 2012

Jellies For Adults

Black tank top with thin white stripes and collar- Ralph Lauren POLO (via Marshall’s) ~$20
Pink, white and black striped skirt- Dana Buchman (via Goodwill) ~$5
Glitter rose earrings- Totally forget, probably Target or Forever 21 ~$3 (possibly?)
Pink jellies- Delia*s ~$20
TOTAL COST: Approx. $48

            I was going for a “retro-housewife” look today. While I am not thrilled with how it looks in the picture, I did get a few compliments from classmates and I thought in person that the prints somehow worked better. This skirt is one I’ve long had from Goodwill. It’s a good length, it's pleated and there is pink in it- a winning combination. I truly wish the black parts of this skirt were navy, as pink, navy and white is another winning color trio in my book. Ah well, for $5, it’s still an excellent deal.
            Are you thinking, “Jellies are being made for adults?!” the answer is yes. I bought these from Delia*s a number of years ago and barely wear them. Why? They are not comfortable for nearly any amount of walking and if your feet sweat even a little, forget about keeping them on at all- it’s like a Slip ‘N Slide. I was headed to class (read: MINIMAL walking), wanted to wear a flat and thought a pink shoe would be nice with this outfit, so here they are! Adult jellies.
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