Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Bevy of Belts

Turquoise tank top- Gap Outlet ~$7
Purple shorts- TJ Maxx (brand: Land ‘N Sea) ~$15
Orange earrings- Target ~$8 for pack of 6 pairs
Florescent chartreuse flower accent- H&M ~$3 for pack of two
Red braided belt- H&M ~$5
Shoes- TOMS Shoes (gift, retails for $54)
TOTAL COST: Approx. $92 ($38 w/o cost of shoes)
         I wore this outfit to the local farmers market. I felt like colorful and casual were both appropriate. The bold colors are so summery and fun. Let me clear the air right now, I really do not enjoy a belt. I wear a belt with a few pairs of jeans for functional reasons. Wearing a belt for fashion purposes is a new concept for me. But imagine this outfit without the belt- it’s sort of boring. That pop of red helps tie it together. These belts are generally inexpensive and come in every color and material. My collection is very small right now, but it’s growing! Personally, I enjoy tucking in my shirt and a belt helps create that polished look. I also recently pinned (Find me on Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/ladypsychology/) a graphic showing 12 ways to knot your belts.
Tell me readers, Are your belts mostly for fashion or function? Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com
Thriftfully Yours,

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