Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ATTN: Dry Clean Only

(Why no, I’m not wearing make-up in this photo, thanks for noticing)
Chartreuse tank top- Forever 21 ~$7
Red & navy chain link silk skirt- Banana Republic (via Goodwill) ~$6
Vintage gold pendant necklace- Flea market ~$5
Skinny brown braided belt- H&M ~$5
Brown zip-front wedges- Target ~$25
TOTAL COST: Approx. $43
         This outfit is a great example of how to put together an eye catching, professional (yet youthful) outfit with little expense. One of my favorite Goodwill finds is this skirt. It was a frugal find and a versatile piece. To buy the materials to reproduce this skirt (silk, lining, zipper and trimming) would be more than what I paid for the completed piece. The print is very graphic and nautical which I love. I find it to be a “season-less” piece. I can’t wait to wear it with tights and my knee-high cognac boots in the fall/winter.
TIP—  It is dry clean only. When hunting/thrifting, be sure to check the labels for washing instructions. NOTE: Do not be deterred by dry clean only! The cost of purchase (at a thrift store) + dry cleaning is still less than buying new, especially for brands like Banana Republic. Things DO NOT need to be dry cleaned after every wear, this is especially true of bottoms (skirts, pants and some dresses).
Looking back at this photo, I am not sure about the top with the skirt. I think the color combination is a risk, but my greater concern is very casual, cotton ribbed tank top paired with the more chic, formal silk skirt. On the positive side, I love navy with brown and gold (thus the necklace, belt and shoes). If I were to wear a cardigan with this outfit (as I often do- I swear I am a lizard: read- ALWAYS cold) I would probably select a navy blue one.
Tell me readers, Do you pass up thrifty threads if they are dry clean only? Comment or email me at BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com
Thriftfully Yours,

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