Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snag of the Season (& 50th Post!)

White ¾ gauzy top- Hollister Co. ~$20
Purple tank top- H&M ~$7
Pink chino shorts- Tommy Hilfiger Outlet ~$25
Gold and pearl strand necklace- Consignment ~$3
White and gold skinny belt- Goodwill (no brand) ~$2
Black gladiators- Ruff Hewn (via BonTon) ~$13

            For a blog that is about thrifting and saving money, this outfit is looking kind of expensive. However, it was a put together look and I decided to document it. You see, I haven’t been so into thrifting my whole life. My focus has really expanded in the past 3 years and both the top and bottom of this outfit are more than 3 years old. The true sales high light of this outfit are my new sandals. You know those $5 silver gladiators I’ve been wearing all summer? They’re still alive (no need to worry) but the quality isn’t great and I’m just not sure how much longer they are going to make it. Enter these shoes. BonTon is having a huge sale and I hunt down these babies, originally $89- What a snag! They are comfortable and stylish. I LOVE those tassel details! I know I only have a few months to bond with them before they go into fall/winter hibernation, but until then- they will be my go-to shoe!
Tell me readers, What was your end of the season snag? Comment or email me at
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