Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Labeled Lady

Silk teal sweater- Ann Taylor (via Junior League) ~$7
Purple sleeve-less button up- Eddie Bauer (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
White shorts- J Crew (via Goodwill) ~$5
Dark pink suede loafers- Talbots (via Goodwill) ~$6
TOTAL COST: Approx. $21.50

            Nearly all my favorite preppy, classic designers are represented in this outfit (most notably missing is Banana Republic). That stereotypical Hamptons vibe is totally my aesthetic in the summer. Goodwill and other thrift stores in my area have been so good when it comes to label quality. I have seen a lot of really pricy brands and that makes me happy, especially at Goodwill. This means someone likely purchased this quality item for full price, owned it and then donated it- that is charity people. Building an adult, grown-up work wardrobe can be expensive (especially when one is a student) but it doesn’t have to be. This sweater is 100% silk and manufactured by Ann Taylor. I want to wear it with everything I own- it’s sure to be a favorite this fall and winter.
            I decided not to wear any accessories with this outfit (besides my faux diamond earrings) and instead, to do some online browsing for appropriate jewelry. I picked 3 websites and found two necklaces and two bracelets/watches that I thought might each pair well with this preppy look.
(Top L, moving clockwise) 

Jewel IQ Tortoise Link Necklace: This is my statement option. I have been coveting this preppy staple for a while- just waiting for the right incarnation. I found it here, at Jewel IQ, where shipping is free on all orders and no individual piece is more than $25. HOLLER! I love this necklace. Excellent length, good coloration, and I like the change in link size. Jewel IQ is also carrying those ever-popular bauble necklaces- So good! It’s on my wish list! Just waiting for the right color.
Stella and Dot Gold strand Necklace: This is the understated option. I love gold and teal together, it has a very luxe feel to it. I’m rarely understated, but this piece is a yes for me.
Fossil Pearl Banded Watch: I originally went searching for a tortoise band watch from Fossil that a friend of mine has- it wasn’t on the website but this beauty was. How classy. For me, it’s like a pearl bracelet and a watch all rolled into one. The bracelet length sleeve of the sweater (not intended to be, I’m sure- I just have extra long arms) exposes the wrist perfectly for a statement piece like this.
Stella and Dot Gold Spike Bracelet: Again, gold and teal are totally biffs. I have been eyeing up this little number on many of the fashion blogs I read, including J’s Everyday and I think it is an excellent combination of edgy and classy. I’ve seen it layered very effectively as well, so that increases its versatility.
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