Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Palazzo Passion

White camisole- Gap Outlet ~$10
Bright turquoise ¾ cardigan- Gap Outlet ~$20
Polka dot palazzo pants- Xhilaration (Target) ~$10 (on sale)
Silver gladiators- Bongo (via TJ Maxx) ~$5
Gold and turquoise pendant necklace- Old Navy ~$7

            Okay. You caught me. There are no thrifted items in this post, but I don’t want to let that stop me from sharing my outfit. I recently started reading Kendi Everyday and she recently a had post about the challenges of posting in which she discussed the disconnect between her blog persona and her real self. In this post, she wore palazzo pants. This inspired me to add it to my wish list, and 2 days later I found a pair at Target on sale for around $10 (originally $20). (The second block shows a close up of the pants because in the full-length shot, they just look solid black)
            In a previous post, I discussed how fictitious television characters influence my fashion choices. In a show I started watching recently, Girl on HBO (currently on hiatus), there are four lead females, each with their own very distinct style. I’m generally somewhere between a Marni and a Shoshanna (if this is Greek to you, WATCH THE SHOW) but these pant are all Jessa. The Jessa character is some weird amalgamation of hipster, hippy, and bohemian, with a look full of floppy hats, peasant blouses and top-knot buns. Her carefree approach to fashion inspires me to wear what I want, regardless of what that is. Out of season? Mismatched? Absolutely ridiculous? I DON’T CARE! I’ll wear it all and feel comfortable. (Steps off of soap box)
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