Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Classic Statement

Silk red and black floral blouse- Ann Taylor (via Goodwill) ~$2
White and gold pencil skirt- Worthingtons (JC Penny) ~$7
Dark green skinny belt- Target (via Goodwill) ~$1
Gold pointy toe heels- Nine West (via BonTon) ~$20

            I recently took a trip to Tennessee and visited a Goodwill store while I was there. Items were separated men’s and women’s but beyond that- the sorting was lacking. My favorite GW locations are those in which items are sorted by garment type and color. The pricing at this location was also different. The general cost of short sleeve tops was around $2 whereas in my area, they are $3.50. When I saw this pattern and fabric, I knew the brand to be quality. The only down side to silk (especially a printed silk) is that is has to be dry cleaned. I know the long-term value of a piece like this. It’s a classic statement piece, which is my favorite kind of garment. I can’t wait to find other ways to wear it throughout the year.
            Tell me readers, How are your favorite thrift stores set up? Comment or email me at
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