Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to: Dressing for Holiday Parties

            Let’s be honest, I’ve been wearing “holiday appropriate” outfits in a few recent posts (See them HERE, HERE and HERE). I love any excuse to dress up, especially when shine is involved! With plenty of holiday party opportunities still available, I thought I would do a “How to” post! There are hundreds of ways to look chic at a gathering during the holiday season, but today I’m going to share my method with you all.

            I love color, but I tend to tone it down and use richer tones during the fall and winter seasons. In my wardrobe, this translates to jewel tones: navy, ruby reds maroon/oxblood/Bordeaux, emerald green, mustard yellow, burnt orange and royal purple. 

Once I’ve picked my color(s), I find a piece that will incorporate some shine (my favorite part). Remember, it’s the holidays! This can be way more fabulous than just your “everyday” jewelry sparkle. Sequins and gold brocade are EVERYWHERE, so snag a few to use as accent pieces. 

This brings me to my final key concept for holiday dressing- texture. Chunky knit sweaters, velvet, fur accents (see my How to for fur HERE) or ruffles can all increase the luxe factor of your holiday ensemble.


Here's the photo break down:

Navy Sweater

Bordeaux Peplum Skirt

Brocade Skater Dress

Sequin Skirt


Fur Snood
Velvet Loafers

 Thriftfully Yours, 

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