Monday, December 31, 2012

How to: Seasonal Transition

            I snagged this Ann Taylor skirt in July at Salvation Army. Later in the month, I wore it to First Friday and posted about it HERE. When I swapped my summer clothes for winter ones, I left this skirt out—it was, no doubt, manufactured and distributed as part of Ann Taylor’s spring or summer line, however, I knew I wanted to find a way to style it for cold weather. But how? The length and color palate both scream warm weather.
            To “winterize” this piece, I turned to some classic tricks: tights, layering, and winter hues. Opaque tights add warmth and a level of class to a skirt that is on the short side. Layering also adds warmth and adds to the wintery feel. Finally- color selection. Charcoal gray, mustard yellow and this beautiful teal are all appropriate colors for cold weather.

            I usually keep accessories to a minimum but for today’s outfit, I experimented with what other bloggers call the “arm party.” If you’re not familiar with the concept, it is an elaborate jumble of bracelets, usually including the spiky Renegade bracelet, a pave link bracelet and a large face watch. I did it my own way (with a knock off Renegade, buy it HERE), but I’m pretty pleased for my first attempt.

I’m excited to style this skirt again in spring and create an entirely new look.

Thriftfully Yours,

HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS! I haven't been blogging a full year so I didn't get to do the typical "Year in Review." Here's a photo from me last year celebrating NYE in Baltimore!

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