Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to: Jockey Style

            I thrifted this bright purple shirt a few months ago and have been totally stumped on how to wear it. Give me a print and I’ve got hundreds of outfit ideas, but a solid color? Forget it! While I was waiting around for divine fashion inspiration, Fash Boulevard published this photo and my fashion block was removed!

I had all the components, so I put together my own version.

Collar Studs
            While reviewing these photos, I realized I was reminded of something…but what? Then it hit me- I looked like a Jockey! 
Although I drew inspiration from FB, her fur vest kept her from toeing the line of looking like a Jockey. 

            Jockey’s are actually quite fashionable. The silhouette is modern yet classic. The utilizes pieces that most women already have, making it easy to replicate. I have broken down the outfit into 4 key pieces:
·      Solid brightly colored top
·      Neutral vest
·      White pants
·      Black boots

Now you can recreate this classic and preppy look! 

Thriftfully Yours,

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