Friday, December 7, 2012

Dress as a Skirt

            Fashion blogs and Pinterest have done an incredible job expanding my wardrobe. No- they don’t send me things. These online resources have given me countless inspiring ways to expand the versatility of pieces I already own. When I increase the versatility of a piece, I increase its value.
            The “dress as a skirt” trick seems to be pretty well known amongst the blogging community. I wanted to try it myself! I integrated a summer trend by knotting my new camp shirt in the front. Honestly, this day felt a lot like summer! I was 70 degrees outside—so warm, in fact, that I broke out my black gladiator sandals (despite vowing to put them away in September...and again in October. See them HERE, HERE and HERE).  
            I wanted a minimalist approach to accessories so I looked to my recent obsession –the collar stud, i.e. post earrings stabbed thru one’s shirt. These “Queen Bee” earrings are so fab—are they not? Sadly, they’re just too heavy for my flimsy earlobes. Now, I have a whole new way to wear them! Jewelry versatility at its finest.

Thriftfully Yours,

PS- Here's the same look styled with hair down and a hat.


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