Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Power of Accessories

            I love accessories. The profound impact they can have on an outfit is not to be overlooked. Accessories can take a simple ensemble from casual to dressy or day to night (or vice versa). My accessory collection probably rivals my garment collection in terms of item count. Once I tally up all the hats, scarves, pieces of jewelry, belts, glasses, and shoes, the total is quite high.

            Today’s outfit is simple—a turtleneck, a cable knit sweater and dark wash skinny jeans. Once I accessoized, I transformed my ensemble and elevated it to a more fashionable level. I selected my faux-fur collar and last year’s impulse buy hat from Target (with felt flower embellishments by Maggie) to add some sophistication. My last accessory addition are my (worn out) riding boots. Going to a tree farm can get muddy and require some trekking around, so boots were a natural choice.

Check out what this outfit looks like with my red toggle coat on top below! Thanks for reading.

Thriftfully Yours,

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