Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Wear: The Secretary Blouse

          I love a secretary blouse, also called a tie-neck blouse. I’ve shared my collection with you before (see that post HERE) and it’s pretty extensive. All of my blouses are vintage thrifting finds, but these tops are also being sold new in stores this season—this indicates that this style is a classic with staying power.
            This style of blouse intimidated me for years and I avoided trying them on. They seemed old-fashioned, and what in the hell was I supposed to do with those tie-thingies? I took the plunge readers, and so can you!
            My experience has shown me that you can pretty much wear these shirts any number of ways. I leave the ties untied, knotted or in a bow—you really can’t miss. The inspiration for this outfit was equestrianism. To capture the grace and class of the equestrian, I decided to tie the ends into a bow. (See other ways to style this type of blouse HERE and HERE.) To complete the look, I added a slim leg pant (Surprise: These are capris!) which I tucked into boots.

Thriftfully Yours,

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  1. This is such a fun blog! I met you with Jimmie at the Historic Bethlehem Auction. I hope we get to meet with one another again.

    Here's my website:

    Maybe you can go through my closet with me and help me rearrange my wardrobe to come up with new combinations. We'll go goodwill shopping among my stuff. I actually enjoy shopping at Goodwill and Bethlehem Township has a good one.

    Melissa Bryant