Friday, November 9, 2012

How to: Dot on Dot

        The second I thrifted this blouse, I knew I wanted to wear it with even more polka dots, but how? The polka dots on the blouse are relatively small and dense. To help lessen the visual impact of the busy blouse, I selected a sweater in a different color with larger and less dense polka dots. The idea behind successful pattern mixing (or double pattern, in this case) is to find the balance. (Check out my last entry on Pattern Mixing).      
          The pattern of the season certainly seems to be the polka dot. When I consider the way the fashion-conscious community has embraced the trend, I cannot imagine polka dots disappearing from garments any time soon. Another huge trend, particularly among bloggers, has been pattern mixing. In this post I’ve mixed both (sort of) into my outfit.

Tell me readers, Would you rock a double pattern? Comment, email me ( or tweet me (BsGoodwillHunt)

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