Wednesday, November 7, 2012


           I’m always looking for more ways to wear a piece. The more flexible it is, the more value it has in my wardrobe. I will rarely repeat an outfit exactly because I love remixing.  A top that “only looks good” with one skirt is a waste of very precious real estate, i.e. my CLOSET. Therefore, when I go shopping, I cannot simply consider liking or attraction to the piece. If I can’t image 3+ ways to wear a piece, it’s a much harder sell. 

            Consider this top. I have a multitude of secretary blouses so I don’t want to repeat the same look every time I decide to wear one. I have shown this style of blouse worn with skirts, pants and now under a jumper. The feel of the look is also changed by tying the blouse or leaving it loose. If it were warmer, I would even consider rolling the sleeves for a different look. 

Tell me readers, Do you consider the versatility of a piece when shopping? Comment, email me ( or tweet me (BsGoodwillHunt).

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