Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Secondhand Shoes?!

As a kid, I would carefully prepare outfits mirroring colors throughout. I was very “matchy matchy.” Black shoes, purple tights, black skirt, purple top, black hair bow- yeah, that intense. Over time, my sense of fashion pairings has evolved, but I still love putting together outfits based on color. I pulled this blouse out and quickly selected the black skirt and red shoes to match the stripes in the top. Visually, I think the solid neutral bottom is a good balance to the visually stimulating top.
It’s been a while since I posted an outfit entirely from thrift store finds. This is generally a challenge because of shoes which is probably one of the items the general population would feel weird buying second hand. Honestly, I’m not a germaphobic person. My real thought is “Do I want to own suede shoes that are preppy and amazing and would retail for around $90 or not?”
For six bucks, I purchased what are easily the nicest shoes I own (okay, maybe my UGGs are really the nicest). The quality is high (good materials) and the signs of wear were minimal, which is hard to find with second hand shoes. These were clearly taken care of. If you’ve ever owned something suede, you know how even a light drizzle can ruin it. 

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