Tuesday, November 20, 2012

From Rummage to Retail: A Shopping Review

            I am a perpetual shopper. Retail, sale, secondhand, or window shopping—I will shop anywhere. Today’s post is a recap of two pieces each from a church rummage sale and retail shopping at Kohl’s. 

(Starting Top L, moving clockwise)
1. Lands End Blue and White Gingham Top: Remember in the Weekend Wishes post I mentioned wanting a gingham shirt? Well, my mom found this one for $.20 at a local church rummage sale. Can’t wait to integrate this piece into my wardrobe for all seasons!
2. Christopher & Bands White Printed Capris: The print on these is hard to see, but it features a super sweet illustrated print of people, shops and flowers. The fit in the waist is good but the legs are a bit wide for me. I plan on paying to have them tailored. They were purchase for $.20, so putting a bit more money into tailoring still makes for a good deal!
3. Apartment 9 Teal Camp Shirt: I’ve been looking for a good deal on a camp shirt for some time now. I wanted this one in white, but it was so sheer, I couldn’t get it and switched it for this teal one. Perfectly lightweight for spring and summer, easily layered in fall and winter. I purchased this top on sale for $25 (Original price: $36).
4. Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s Cream Brocade Flair Skirt: I recently decided that I have enough pencil skirts so I needed to move on to another silhouette—enter: The Flair Skirt. I love the emphasis on the waist and the volume of the skirt. The cream and gold combo is perfect for the holidays! I purchased this skirt on sale for $25 (Original price: $50).

Tell me readers, How would you style these pieces? Comment, email me (BsGoodwillHunting@gmail.com), or tweet me (BsGoodwillHunt)
Thriftfully Yours,

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