Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Wear: The Daytime Sequin

            Standard professional wear can easily go from classic to boring. Basic pieces like pencil skirts and white button ups are important building blocks in any wardrobe, however I also treat them like a canvas to add my own creative touches to. Innovative styling not only creates visual interest, but it also makes an outfit more unique. 

            While browsing on Pinterest, I came across this inspiration photo. 

At times, I have replicated outfits piece for piece, but this time, I’m recreating only a few components. The inspiration I drew from this photo was the layering of a sequin tank over a button up shirt paired with a blazer. I liked the idea that the blazer neutralized some of the shine from the top, making it more appropriate for day. 

            I thrifted this top with the intent of wearing it out—needless to say, with my busy schedule, it was not getting a lot of wear. Thanks to inspiration photos and the blogs I read daily, I have been introduced to the idea of the daytime sequin. I’ve added so much value to this top because now I can style it for daytime wear.

Tell me readers, Are you wearing sequins and sparkles in the daytime? Comment, email me ( or tweet me (BsGoodwillHunt)
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