Monday, November 5, 2012

Thrifty Threads: A Salvation Army Shopping Review

Hello Readers! Last Wednesday, I ventured out to our local Salvation Army for Family Day. It’s been quite a while since I shopped at a SalVal- the last time I went was early October and that was in a neighboring town. Being a dedicated thrifter means shopping frequently because, as you can imagine, the inventory shifts frequently. I scored 5 pieces for $22.50

-Yellow Ann Carson Collarless Tweed Jacket ($8) I loved this classic, preppy “lunch at the club” jacket. I thought the bow was really…tacky? juvenile? Regardless, I realized the ties were stitched on in a manner that would allow them to be easily removed- a little handiwork and voila! I fixed it myself with little more than bathroom scissors. Here are the before and after photos.

-Navy Blue Career Guild Blazer ($4) Here is a classic piece for my long term wardrobe. This blazer is in perfect condition and it is 100% wool. I realized this wardrobe standard was noticeably lacking in my existing closet, so I snagged this beautiful staple piece.
-Floral Forever 21 Culottes ($5) This garment looks so sad on a hanger, I promise they are better on! I plan to wear them with opaque black tights for fall and winter and transition them to spring and summer later.
-Beach Front Print Old Navy Skirt ($2.50) I fell in love with the print before I saw the tag. Generally, Old Navy is not a brand I would go for while thrifting, since part of the draw for me is buying quality pieces that would normally be too expensive for me at retail prices. I don’t necessarily see this skirt as a “fall piece” but I may wear it once before it goes in the out of season bin.
-Vintage Red Pencil Skirt ($3) This skirt has no tag (apart from a size), no label, no washing instructions, no clues to the maker. I am always looking for basic pieces in solid colors (I own too many prints) and I thought red would go well with many of my secretary blouses.

I’m still waiting for the haul when I follow my own fashion rules (high quality and seasonal) but until then, I’ll continue to build my perfect wardrobe a few pieces at a time.
Thriftfully Yours,

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