Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrifty Threads: A Junior League Shopping Review


Here’s my shopping recap from my last trip to the Junior League.
(Starting top L, moving clockwise)
1. This super soft sweater is vintage and bears in insignia ODCC. There is a place, locally, called the Outdoor Country Club and I’m wondering if this wasn’t an old uniform or available for purchase in the past. I wouldn’t have been drawn to it if it weren’t on the 4 items for $1 rack. Oops?
2. Recently, I added a new item to my fashion wish list- a collarless jacket. I stumbled across this one in the cardigan section and loved it. It looks horrific on the hanger- so please trust that this piece is a good one. I’ll definitely wear it open with jeans most of the time, but am open to alternative stylings. It’s vintage AND machine washable.
3. This new rugby top has a secret- it is actually a children’s top. I never thought I would fit into children’s clothes, but apparently boys XL is the exception. I did buy a Rugby top earlier this season (Ralph Lauren, grey with maroon stripes) but still wanted one with wide stripes. I also secretly hoped I could find one in red and navy, so -how lucky am I?
There you have it, readers, my shopping trip all summed up! Keep your eyes open for how I work these new pieces into my wardrobe.
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