Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black & White

Printed short sleeve tie blouse- Ship N’ Shore (via Goodwill) ~$3.50
Black pencil skirt- Target ~$20
Pearl necklace- gift
White skinny belt- no tag (via Goodwill) ~$2
Black gladiator sandal- Ruff Hewn ~$13 (on sale)
TOTAL COST: $38.50

            A warm day amidst some chilly ones! I used this brief weather reprieve to wear this blouse that I thrifted a while ago. Wearing black in the summer is something I shy away from because it doesn’t seem seasonally appropriate, so when I bought this blouse, I had to put it away for a while. Fall seemed to be a great time to pull it out and this day really allowed the blouse to be on full display (i.e. no cardigan needed). I stayed with the black and white theme when selecting the rest of the outfit. Looking back, the belt was a misstep- there are no belt loops on the skirt, so it was moving all over- annoying.
            I think this may be the final wearing of my new favorite sandals of all time- but don’t worry, just for the fall and winter seasons. Packing up and swapping out my out of season clothes has been a semi annual tradition for YEARS. I love taking out the bins and rediscovering all those pieces. I also get to put away my summery stuff. It’s refreshing- but I am going to miss those sandals for the next 6 months (or so).
Tell me readers, What items are you sort of sad to put away for fall and winter? Comment or email me at or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours,

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