Monday, October 15, 2012

The Polka-Dot Sweater


Green polka dot sweater- Liz & Co (via Salvation Army) ~$2.50
Black skinny corduroys- OP (via Goodwill) ~$4
Gold and pearl strand necklace- (via consignment) ~$3
White and leather belt- Vintage (from mom)
Boots- Rack Room Shoes ~$20 (on sale, they are still selling them new!)
TOTAL: $29.50

            I have been waiting to wear some of the new-to-me fall/winter clothes I’ve thrifted in the past few months and the weather is finally cooperating. This sweater has been on stand-by for a chilly day for a while. Polka dot sweaters have been EVERY WHERE this year- J Crew, Old Navy, Gap and Brooks Brothers have all manufactured similar polka dot sweaters (but not for a better price). If you’ll remember, I purchased 2 other polka dot sweaters, new, from Old Navy. Why a third polka sweater, you ask? This was not only a great deal, it is also a much thicker sweater than the other two and is roomy enough for layering during the more harsh winter months.
Tell me readers, How have you been expressing the polka dot trend? Comment or email me at or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours,

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  1. Well hello there B's Goodwill Hunting! I stumbled upon your blog while googling Liz & Co. polka dot sweater! I think we have the same one, different colour! Love how you styled yours!
    Nicole from VV Boutique Style