Friday, October 5, 2012

Pretty Patriotic

Polka dot secretary blouse- James Kenrob (vintage, from Goodwill) ~$3.50
White and gold pencil skirt- Worthington (via JC Penny) ~$7
Skinny light blue belt- Vintage (via Goodwill) ~$1
Navy blue leggings- via Gabriel Brothers ~$4
Brown boots- Xappeal (via Rack Room Shoes) ~$20 (on sale)
TOTAL: $35.50

            Riding boots! It’s something I actually love about fall. My boots are sort of beat. I bought them on clearance 3+ years ago at Rack Room Shoes in what has turned out to be a snag at $20. These boots have been put out, NEW, every year for just around $50 and they’re not real leather! Not worth $50, maybe $20. Regardless, mine are starting to peel and are scuffed at the toe. It may be time to start scouting for a new, leather pair. Perhaps Christmas list…
            In other news, it is cold enough to wear my secretary blouses! We’re starting with this one and working through my entire collection. My outfit sort of ended up looking quite patriotic, especially after I added red coat.
Tell me readers, Any tips for finding a great pair of leather riding boots? Comment or email me at or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours,

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