Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to the Mid-Atlantic

Well, Readers, I am back form vacation- and can I say "BURRRR!" I totally did not plan to come back to cold weather (it was warm when we left!) so my return outfit was totally laughable- I can't even talk about how BAD it was.
Now that I'm back to fall weather, I can post this lovely outfit from before my trip! Enjoy.

Red and navy rugby shirt- Chaps (via Junior League) ~$3
Dark wash skinny jeans- Forever21 (via Consignment) ~$6
Sunglasses- Wet Seal ~$3
White and leather belt- Vintage (mom’s)
Pearls- gift
Lace-up boots- Target ~$20
TOTAL: $32

            I wore this to a large outdoor fair for dogs. I knew I’d need to help wrangle my big furry puppy, so I wanted something that was simple and not fussy. My recently purchased (children’s) rugby top seemed to be a great choice. Paired with skinny jeans and my adventure boots (or granny boots if you ask Mom), I was concerned it would look to masculine. I decided to add pearls and keep my hair down. Do you think I accomplished that? Comment or email me at  or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours,

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  1. Welcome back to the chill, B! Your thrifted outfit sounds practical and stylish for an outdoor dog fair. Pairing the ruggedness of a rugby shirt and adventure boots with pearls is a clever way to add a touch of femininity, especially with your hair down to soften the look. It sounds like you were fully equipped to keep up with your energetic puppy while staying fashionable. Definitely a successful mix of form and function!