Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Wishes: Part I

In lieu of Weekend Watch, I am beginning a 2 week post on my Wish List for fall and winter. Many of the pieces I’m looking for are general concepts and the photos I use to do not necessarily represent the exact piece or brand that I am looking for. Some of these pieces are trends for the season whereas others are classics that will last for years.
This weekend, I’ll be sharing a few styles of button up shirts I’m on the hunt for as well as a must have on many ladies lists- the School Boy Blazer. 

1. The Gingham Oxford: This print is seasonless. For fall and winter, I want to use the pops of patterns under sweaters or a blazer. I’d love to end up with the Gingham Oxford in a few colors.
2. The Scarf Print Blouse: Ralph Lauren has been putting out these silky scarf print blouses for years. A number of bloggers I read daily have shown off their vintage RL blouses. They can be loud and tacky if not styled correctly, but I love a fashion challenge. 

3. The Plaid Button Up: Plaid for fall is sort of a no brainer. I have only one plaid flannel, so I’m looking to add another, either green or red. Great for layering once it gets cold. 

4. The RL Classic Oxford: Here is the exception to my “brand” statement above. I am looking for these oxfords in all 4 colors done by POLO by Ralph Lauren. I’m hoping to hit the RL outlet soon to scoop up a few.

5. The School Boy Blazer: I have long appreciated other people wearing blazers without wearing it with a suit. I was never sure I could do that. A few years ago, I purchased (thrifted) an Express brand classic black blazer. I knew it was a great deal and I hopped I would find ways to wear it. It’s taken a while, but the blazer bug has bitten me. I recently added a navy blue blazer and two collarless jackets to my collection. I’m still looking for two more: Tweed and Plaid. 

Tell me readers, What items are on your wish list for fall and winter? Comment or email me at or tweet me at BsGoodwillHunt
Thriftfully Yours,

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